Reconnect with your inner goddess, and shine your incredible light, baby!

Anita Revel has been pioneering the inner goddess movement since the late 1990s

Blissings! I’m Anita Revel, Certified Goddess and pioneer of the Inner Goddess movement in Australia. My Goddess For Life coaching and mentoring programs will help you reconnect with your inner sacred and authentic Self – live a real life as a savvy, empowered, joyful woman!

Here’s to radiating our light forever more!  ❤

Shine on sister, and blissed be!

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Three things I recommend you do first:

7 rules for knowing, accepting and loving your gorgeous self "The Rules"

  1. Download the free eBook: The Inner Goddess Manifesto
  2. Get your life on track with “The Rules” – get acquainted with this quick quiz.
  3. Stock your shelves with power tools!


Book yourself into a Goddess For Life coaching workshop. Tune in to your intuition – your innate wisdom and guidance system. Wake-up from the routine, step-out of the rut, and unleash that beautiful, sacred and savvy goddess within!

Deep down you know  that you deserve more, that you can achieve more, and that you can be more in this life.

In fact, you can be the goddess that you were born to be, with just a little guidance by someone who has travelled the path before…

Questions? Get in touch with me directly via my facebook page: AnitaRevel.com