21 Ways to Love Your Body (… and let it love you back!)

Ready to rock your positive body image?

Love Your BodyTaking positive steps to appreciating your body, both physically and emotionally, is the most rewarding thing you can do for your health, happiness and getting on with your life purpose.

In developing this guide, I lost 14kg and gained new zest for living. I found new friends and joie de vivre when I started an exercise program and participated in the first running race of my life. And, my mentoring business boomed when clients saw I was “walking the talk”.

Body image and the feminine divine…

In less than 10 minutes you will:

  • Find out how to make this “body image” journey EASY;
  • Learn the keys to optimum health and happiness;
  • Use simple techniques to start loving your body (and let it love you back!); and
  • Transform your attitude to one that truly appreciates your worth, wisdom and wow-factor.


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Table of Contents

Body image
The good...
The bad...
The downright ugly...
Setting the record straight...

21 Ways to Love Your Body 10
1. Easy-peasy juicy squeezy
2. Change your mind
3. Feed your body “well”
4. Stay still...
5. ... And move lots!
6. Become posture-wise
7. Walk with beauty
8. Groom yourself gorgeous
9. Lose the fear!
10. Accept your body type
11. You versus... You
12. Affirm your beauty
13. Re-frame the villains
14. Think awesome, be awesome
15. Practice benevolence
16. Get a faith lift
17. Positive personal power!
18. Dance!
19. Revise your truth
20. Rituals for healing
21. Fall in self-love

In summary

  • Money and mojo: enrich...


    You not only have permission to prosper, it is your duty to do so! This product is a PDF download and suitable for viewing o...

What is body image?

Body image refers to a person’s perception of their own body, sexuality and sensuality.

Having a positive body image means you have a good relationship with your body – you are more likely to exercise regularly, eat well, relish your shape, and feel comfortable in your skin.

Negative body image, on the other hand, is when you are at war with your weight, your shape or your sensuality.

It is the voice of self-criticism, self-judgement and self-condemnation. Feelings of unworthiness arise from negative self-talk, triggering and perpetuating bad eating habits, mental and physical health problems, and harmful behaviour.

Negative body image is formed over a lifetime from many different influences including family, peers, media and social pressures.

According to the Better Health Channel, nearly half of all normal weight women overestimate their actual size and shape, and only one in five women are satisfied with their body weight.

Furthermore, approximately nine out of 10 young Australian women have dieted at least once in their lives, and not always because health is an objective.

No more.

No more shame. No more feeling inadequate. No more feeling like your body is letting you down.

The tips and techniques in this guide will help you reclaim your vitality and essence by learning to love your body again.

I wish you well on this journey to body- and self-love.

Anita Revel

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I’d love to hear your feedback and experiences around building a positive body image. Did you have as much success as I did in finding new physical and emotional strength? A gentler, kinder attitude to your body? A gratitude for the things you can do (rather than regret for the things you can’t)?

Let’s know how the tips and tools in this guide helped you journey to a state of self-confidence, self-appreciation and self-growth.

Simply comment in the “Share your thoughts” in the box below, and I will send the first six commenters a “Killer Kit” of essential oil blends as a thank-you gift.

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