7 Day Chakra Workout (Diamond)

Woo hoo! All of your course content, all at once, all prettied up and all easy to do! Thanks to the feedback from hundreds of course participants, the course has been refined, and made easier than ever to access, download, print and follow.

$7.77 (Incl. GST %)
How many ?

Thousands of men and women have taken advantage of the free 7-Day Chakra Workout e-Course, whereby they were delivered bite-sized information each day and had the option to purchase extra reading materials.

Now, for a tiny $7.77 you can upgrade your e-Course to the Diamond enrolment, and get all your information in one go (by PDF, via your download manager), and this extra support material included:

  • The Symbolism of 7 – a 26-page report about the number 7 and how it has become such a prolific and symbolic number in our lives;
  • Chakra 101 – a 10-page guide to the chakras and the essential guide to essential oils;
  • Seven More Essential Tools – a 19-page overview of seven other tools and resources gifted by nature. These additional tools are additional to the seven core essential tools that Anita works with during the 7-Day Chakra Workout;
  • Quiz: Am I Out of Balance? – an 11-page quiz-and-answer document that gives you better insight into the chakras that may be out of balance for you;
  • Comprehensive additional notes to accompany each day of the Workout;
  • Chakra Recipes for the four lower chakras;
  • Looooooads of Chakra Affirmations; and
  • a whopping 40% discount on selected power tools

 chakra workout e-course

What graduates have to say about the Workout:

I though it was great!I loved how you put the oils and the goddesses and crystals that were harmonious for each chakra.Its nice to have it all put together and you created it with modern times.

Thanks for sharing! it makes it so much easier for me to comprehend the chakras using each day to focus on one chakra.

I just want to say that I enjoyed meeting you Anita over the internet. What a blessing it is to have such technology considering you live in Australia and I in Canada. Your spirit is very tangible, one of light. joy and transcendence, a perfect antidote to the heaviness some of us are going through. I feel that you have a divine purpose in acting as a bridge to give people hope, inspiration and above all to know that we have a soul sister that we can bond with in spite of distance. Thank you, thank you thank you.

Thanks for sharing this course.

Totally awesome. I’ve got a number of your brilliant books, and will be purchasing others after this. Thank you. xx

Love your website.

Thank you for re-igniting my love for me. Mwah

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