7 Day Chakra Workout (Handbook)

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The 7-Day Chakra Workout is a revolutionary program designed to bring balance into your life using a variety of tools, techniques and triggers.

Chakra Workout handbook

Learn how colours, essential oils, gemstones, sound, archetypal goddesses, intention and actions can transform your life for the better.

This handbook is an indispensable guide for novices, healers, yoga lovers, life affirmers and leaders of self-development circles.

It is also a companion to the free e-Course.

"Be warned ... this program shifts stuff!" ~ e-Course graduate.

More about the 7 Day Chakra Workout by Anita Revel

The study of chakras dates back many centuries, and as such, they are considered an integral part of holistic health. By consciously working with your chakra energy and the issues that relate to each zone, you can bring your life into balance and experience a deep sense that all is right with your world.

In particular, you will be able to empower and uphold the seven essential facets of your life – security, abundance, power, love, truth, trust and joy.

The word chakra comes from Sanskrit (a classical language of India). The major chakras are often described as spinning wheels of light or auric energy centres. However you connect with them though, you won’t find them in a physical form if you were to cut open the body – they are esoteric and vibrational energy forces that are intrinsically linked with your body and physiological wellbeing.

The seven major chakras and their life-aspect are as follows:

Base — Connection
Sacral — Abundance
Solar Plexus — Power
Heart — Love
Throat — Truth
Third Eye — Trust
Crown — Joy

It is personal choice whether you work with the chakras from the base to the crown or vice versa. Some people bring energies into their crown and down through the meridian to the base, and then back up to the crown again. In theory, this Workout begins at the base and works up to the crown.

chakra locations from the 7 day chakra workout

Chakra Locations, from the 7-Day Chakra Workout by Anita Revel

Table of Contents

Ancient Theories, Modern Practice
Before You Begin
Ways You Can Do This Workout
Preparing Yourself for the Workout
Quiz: Am I Out of Balance?
The Seven Major Chakras␣
Tools & Techniques for Balance
—> Colours
—> Essential Oils
—> Gemstones
—> Sound
—> Archetypal Goddess
—> Intention
—> Actions
Other Chakra Balancing Tools
—> Flowers
—> Food
—> Elements
—> Directions
—> The Sensory System
—> Animals
—> Symbols
—> Mother Earth
Using the Tools in Your 7-Day Workout
Base Chakra :: Sunday
Sacral Chakra :: Monday
Solar Plexus Chakra :: Tuesday
Heart Chakra :: Wednesday
Throat Chakra :: Thursday
Third-Eye Chakra :: Friday
Crown Chakra :: Saturday

A message from the author

I was first introduced to the world of chakras in my late twenties via a series of workshops run by a sacred singer and teacher. Life began to make sense once I incorporated the various theories into my daily practices – I became more settled, I was happier on my path and I awakened to the hundreds of blissings being gifted to me every day.

Over time, I was guided to adapt the basic principles of the chakra system to work with the seven essential aspects of life – security, abundance, power, love, truth, trust and joy. This new method became my code for living. It was a mix of the old (the ancient, sacred chakra teachings) and the new (my interpretation and application into modem life.) For the first time I found it possible to marry the Spiritual with the Corporate and remain true to both walks of life. In doing so, the 7-Day Chakra Workout eventually evolved.

I think one of the advantages of this Workout is that you don’t need to drop everything in order to do it. You can simply incorporate the suggested activities into your regular life as it is now, so that you can form new, healthy habits and an inspired life for yourself.

I hope you enjoy The 7-Day Chakra Workout as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Love and blissings,
Anita Revel

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