Affirmations to remind you of your awesomeness!

It’s funny how one simple question can be the permission we need to share… when I asked on my Facebook page, “What is the biggest challenge facing your right now?”, the answers that were shared were amazing. Heartfelt. Real. Tear-jerkers. What made the experience 100 times more WOW, was that many of the answers could have been mine. 

I didn’t realise just how close to the surface we hold common fears, frustrations, pain, worries… in reading the challenges listed by so many women, I resonated with so many myself. They were very quick to strike a chord within me.

I immediately set to work on creating some little pieces to help all the women who answered (including me!) feel just a little bit inspired. Hopefully these light YouTube pieces will bring a spark to your day, a smile to your face, a glimmer of hope to your week…

1. “Step Up and Shine” — affirmations to help you realise how awesome you are, and to encourage you to step up and shine.

2. “Taste the Fear” — affirmations to help you taste the fear and give it some pepper!

So that you don’t feel alone, you can also post your answer to the question here… “What’s the biggest challenge facing you right now?

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