Amaterasu: laughter over lamentation

Amaterasu is a shining example of how adversity can help us to ‘blossom and bloom’ more at times. She helps us look for the lesson to be learned when the adverse times come into our lives. 

  • Mantra: Shine
  • Gemstones: Rose quartz, pink tourmaline, emerald, green fluorite, moss agate (pink or green stones), green malachite
  • Essential Oils: Goddess-ence Kwan Yin* blend for the heart chakra


  • amaterasu japanese goddess of the sunThe world revolves around she who glows ~ from Affirmation Goddess, Express Your Way to Happiness
  • I choose joy
  • My smile comes easily
  • My peace is shared peace
  • I blossom in response to adversity
  • I have great joy, and therefore great energy
  • If laughter is contagious, infect me now!

Her Story

In Japanese mythology, Amaterasu (pron: Ah-mah-te-lah-soo) is the radiant and compassionate Japanese sun goddess who ruled the sun, cultural unity, weaving and agriculture. She was responsible for illuminating the world and for ensuring the fertility of the rice fields. The goddess is the divine ancestor of the Japanese imperial family.

Disgusted with her brutish brother, storm god Susanowa, because of his violence toward women, Amaterasu enclosed herself in a cave and, depressed and grieving, refused to come out. Without her there was no sun. The rice fields lay dying in the endless night while the people grew hungry.

Goddess of mirth, Uzume rolled a copper mirror to the front of the cave, then danced wildly on an overturned tub. Her frenzied dance whipped the hundreds of gathered deities into wild laughter and delight.

Hearing the commotion and overcome with curiosity, Amaterasu emerged. Seeing her radiance reflected in the copper mirror, she was amazed at her brilliance. Her grief dissipated, she returned to the world and life was renewed.

In another myth, an argument between Amaterasu and her moon-god brother, Tsukiyomi resulted in Amaterasu refusing to see him again, which explains why the sun and moon appear in different times in the sky.

Her Modern Energy

Amaterasu’s traditional day is the Kiku no Sekku – the Chrysanthemum Festival of Japan. The chrysanthemum blossoms in autumn when other flowers are long past. The chrysanthemum is a plant that flourishes more freely if it is pinched back in spring – this is the process whereby the growing shoots are slightly damaged in order to promote more vigorous growth outwards rather than upwards.

It is an interesting analogy to our own lives – we naturally grow stronger with each adversity we overcome.

Reconnect With Your Inner Amaterasu

This is Amaterasu’s lesson. Use the healing power of laughter and radiance to grow stronger in times of hardship. Place a mirror in an east-facing window to reflect Amaterasu’s rising energy and dispel negative and evil influences. Wear gold to brighten your persona, and smile to radiate the goddess within.

What Would Amaterasu Do?

… If Amaterasu were in your situation, she would see her time in isolation as a healthy opportunity for rejuvenation. She would stay in this space knowing that in life, all things pass, and that hiding in shadows is simply the sacred balance to basking in the light …

(Excerpt from What Would Goddess Do? A Journal For Channelling Divine Guidance by Anita Revel)

What is making you laugh today?

Blissed be! ❤ Anita Revel

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