An Introduction to Goddess Birth Signs (Woman’s Day 10 Jan 2005)

goddess birth signs appeared in Woman's Day in 2005 for the first time

To shine with a goddess glow, reconnect with your archetypal goddess.

Just like astrology, goddess energy defines who you are and what your life purpose may be. In fact, before modern-day zodiac signs, your ancestors were born under the domain of the goddesses rather than the planets. 

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Factors such as the season you were born in and the phase of the moon determine your goddess sign, and influences your personality, values and choices.

“Every action, projection of self and treatment of others is a reflection of your archetypal goddess sign,” says Anita Revel, author of

“Just look at Sarah Jessica Parker,” says Anita. “She’s the classic Athena archetype – strong, independent and a warrior princess. The downside to this strength is that she would feel ashamed to ask for help in case it makes her appear weak. Understanding her sign would help her find her voice and seek support when she needs it – this would keep her balanced and shining with her special goddess glow.”

Another woman displaying classic goddess energy is Jennifer Lopez. “She is definitely a Pele girl through and through – passionate and social, but prone to channelling her energy in the wrong direction. If she put her energy into herself instead of others, she would experience a greater sense of self-worth and well being.”

Likewise, goddess energies are relevant to every modern woman keeping it together on the career, home and social fronts. Understanding your sign is one way to get through each day smiling.

Which Sign Are You?

We are affected by different goddess energies at different times of the day, year, and even moon cycle. But at our core, our goddess sign defines how we manage our choices and destinies. The 12 goddess signs are described below.

Zodiac Sign Your ruling goddess Areas of strength Area for improvement
ARIESMar 21 – Apr 20 ATHENA Born leaders, Athena women are powerful and zesty, independent and resourceful. Use your courage to ask for help, and more importantly, allow people to help you.
TAURUSApr 21 – May 21 JUNO Juno women seek stable relationships, material security and an enriched home life. Don’t rely on others for happiness – strengthen relationships from within.
GEMINIMay 22 – Jun 21 PERSEPHONE Vital and intelligent Persephone girls are innocent and fickle but have amazing capacity for self-empowerment. Stop playing the drama queen – try honesty instead, both with yourself and others.
CANCERJun 22 – Jul 23 DIANA Powerful and protective, Diana rules over nature, fertility, children and providence. Look after your own need for love instead of always giving it away to others.
LEOJul 24 – Aug 23 PELE Full of passionate energy, Pele gals love being the centre of attention and the life of the party. Cut your losses and work to channel your energy into more rewarding projects.
VIRGOAug 24 – Sep 23 HESTIA Hestia girls are creatures of habit and organisation, purity, sincerity, sanctity and safety. Ask yourself, “What’s the self-sacrifice for?” and break from your oppressive patterns.
LIBRASep 24 – Oct 23 VENUS Venus women have a sense of style and appreciation for acts of love, pleasure and romance. Revel in your playful character and strong personality, but keep it appropriate to each situation.
SCORPIOOct 24 – Nov 22 BAST Courageous and strong, Bast girls show an abiding patience in seeking vengeance for wrong doings. Articulate your feelings in order to stay in control of creative expression rather than physical destruction.
SAGITTARIUSNov 23 – Dec 21 RHIANNON Welsh goddess of fertility and rebirth, transformation, wisdom, and magic, Rhiannon girls seek adventure and travel. Stop focussing on the horizon occasionally and anticipate others’ needs rather than waiting for them to ask.
CAPRICORNDec 22 – Jan 20 DEMETER Champion of causes, Demeter women stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Forget your ingrained sense of frugality and self sacrifice and concentrate instead on things that make you happy.
AQUARIUSJan 21 – Feb 19 HATHOR Hathor women have the gift of shape-shifting – reinventing themselves for fresh inspiration. With each new manifestation, spare a thought for those you leave behind – not everyone is flexible with changing natures.
PISCESFeb 20 – Mar 20 OSHUN Goddess of universal love and sensuality, Oshun women are generous with their time for themselves during a tidal “ebb”, and for others during a “flow”. Sometimes it would be healthy to stop drifting along without direction or intent, and instead find a place where you can simply be.


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