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anita revel campaigns for the sacred and savvy in all of us

My name is Anita Revel, and I’m a woman who loves love, nature, my family, my sisters (you!) and sparkly things. I also love what I do every day – I write, play, paint, cuddle and laugh. I can also cry, get frustrated, worry, and occasionally drink a glass too much Chardonnay, but you know what? 

Because I stand complete in the power of my inner goddess, I love that side of me too. It’s who I am… light and shadow; playful and deep; air and fire; satisfied and searching; and yet always… at your service.

And it’s through my work that I also hope to lead you too, to a place of satisfaction, balance and complete self-acceptance. Are you ready for the ride?

*Pauses to do a happy dance*

When I am not running workshops to unleash your inner goddesses, I am an author, artist, mama and Civil Marriage Celebrant. Or, as I say on my facebook-page, I am “creatrix, author, mother and wife, web diva, dream weaver, lover of life.” Yeee-haaaa!

I take a modern, sassy-yet-respectful approach to my work, which doesn’t always suit some people, but I can be proud that I’m being true to my authentic Self.

Just because it’s fun doesn’t mean it can’t be spiritual, unique and deeply meaningful 🙂 Ya know?

Anita Revel

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As for my how I got where I am, herewith is the Note From Author section in my first ever book: The Goddess Guide to Chakra Vitality. I think this pretty well sums it up – where I came from and the journey that has brought this site into our lives…

From the Author

Until I was well into my twenties, I didn’t know I was worthy of wonderful things, doings and beings in my life.

Hard to believe huh? Maybe so, but it’s true – this simple assumption that everyone deserves to live with respect, love and joy was foreign to me.

In fact, it was only since my first encounter with the goddess in 1997 that I realised a magical and enriched life was entirely possible… (Thank you Kwan Yin for visiting me in that fateful meditation!)

Having very little self-esteem at the time, I realised I had some serious work to do. Like finding and establishing a new set of morals and standards, for starters. Not an easy task considering my background – one where criticism and guilt had a firm hold in my DNA.

I wasn’t ambitious for a miracle – I just wanted to learn my own worth and how to say words like, ‘no’ and ‘help’.

It was a case of baby steps, baby steps to start with. But through dedicated and regular work incorporating chakra, intuitive and goddess wisdom I gained an insight into a life filled with meaning and purpose. Yes!!!

The first thing I noticed on this journey was that by my third chakra clearing session, the construction site in my head took a break. Demons such as Criticism and Fear had put down their tools. It was a remarkable feeling – one that I still remember to this day.

From there, Kali showed herself to me to help me under-stand my tumultuous life was her way of putting me onto the right path. I suddenly understood that I had to stop fighting blockages that were preventing me from going where I thought I wanted to go. For example, I was applying for jobs and being constantly rejected – Kali awakened me to the fact that deep down, I didn’t want them anyway.

Once I embraced Kali’s intention, everything started flowing. Great energy started to stream through me when I honoured intuition instead of waiting for “luck” to happen to me.

I began authoring in 1999. At first it was a hobby – an outlet for the thealogical exploration. The process was both therapeutic and empowering.

In 2004 the Goddess-ence 100% pure oil blends came into my life. The blends were channelled then finessed with the help of an aromatherapist to create the product they are today. I feel so honoured to be the custodian of these amazing blends – every single week I receive emails and letters telling me how they were the catalyst that changed lives for the better.

By 2005, I decided that the research I’d been doing could be put to better use than gathering cyber-dust. So I overhauled the website filling it with resources to help others reconnect with their inner goddess. Dozens of new members join daily to receive a weekly inspirational goddess message… I am overjoyed to see so many women working to remember their true place in the world.

I endeavour to answer every single email sent by members. If you feel so inclined, feel free to send me your thoughts, questions, comments, feedback to love [at], but please bear with me if I take a while to answer – I get over 400 emails a day!

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