Astarte: survive and surmount life’s battles

Astarte in her aspect as Warrior Queen exemplifies the independence and spirit that drives us to success, both in achieving goals and surviving life’s battles. 

  • Mantra: Resilience
  • Gemstones: Rose Quartz, Garnet, Smoky Quartz, Fire Agate
  • Essential Oils: Goddess-ence Persephone blend for the solar plexus chakra


  • I am safe; my friends have my back ~ from Affirmation Goddess, Express Your Way to Happiness
  • I am healthy and happy
  • Peace is my birthright
  • I am determined to succeed
  • I feel absolutely supercharged
  • I see my course of action clearly
  • Bring it on baby!

Her Story

Babylonian, Assyrian and Phoenician goddess Astarte is honoured as the strong and wise Queen of Heaven. In her warrior queen aspect, she wore the horns of a bull and rode into battle behind her horses and chariots.

She was also the Greek goddess of love and fertility, fire and productivity, war and victory and sexual prowess.

Astarte was at once maiden and mother goddess whose energy is greatest at the time of a crescent moon. In her temple, her sacred prostitutes co-resided with her priestesses, symbolising the sanctity of women in all walks of life. Her priestesses were famous astrologers who entered into sacred marriages with kings.

Her Modern Energy

In times of crisis, when our creativity and self-confidence is threatened, Astarte’s energy resonates to marshal our resourcefulness. Astarte-inspired women have an uncanny knack to make the most of a limited amount of resources.

Astarte used her inner strength and wisdom to fight her battles, but as with all goddess deities, she has a dark side. Taking the warrior image too far through hostility and violence only leads to self-destruction.

If you are feeling threatened by a situation outside of you, be careful before brandishing your sword to avenge a wrong done against you. Explosive anger may satisfy the short-term need for revenge, but Astarte calls on you to exercise wisdom.

Reconnect With Your Inner Astarte

Examine other ways you can achieve “victory” without hurting others. For example, achieve success in an area that your adversary would never expect – get that promotion, pay off that debt, or make peace with a warring family member. Do it in a dignified manner, with patience, respect and wisdom and all these attributes will come back to you threefold in the way other people treat you.

What Would Astarte Do?

… If she were in your situation, she would make the most of her resources, whether they be in abundance or not immediately obvious. She would find clever ways to achieve victory with patience and respect for everyone involved.

(From What Would Goddess Do? by Anita Revel)

How are you achieving victory this week?

Blissed be! ❤ Anita Revel


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