Athena: firm but fair

Athena-inspired women know no fear, or that’s the face they present to the world at least. They are firm but fair; the iron foot in a velvet boot. Rest assured, you can be a tough, independent, clever and resourceful woman, but do not be afraid to explore your weaker side too. 

  • Mantra: Courage
  • Gemstones: Moonstone, lapis lazuli, dark aquamarine
  • Essential Oils: Goddess-ence Athena* blend for the base chakra


  • athena_affirmation_cards40_141My battles are easy enough to win ~ from Affirmation Goddess, Express Your Way to Happiness
  • I release negative elements from my life
  • I kick butt with an iron foot inside a velvet boot
  • I feel supercharged when I de-clutter
  • I express my truth for my highest good
  • I am a diplomatic diva

Her Story

Zeus’ favourite goddess Athena was the beautiful warrior queen who stood guard over the ancient city of Athens.

She was adopted as the patron of the arts and craftspeople of Athens, and her brave swordswomanship made her an inspiration to the military forces. Athena’s grace and intelligence were underlying qualities to her immense courage and strength.

Her Modern Energy

If Athena is talking to you today, it is likely you are experiencing moments when everything seems to be on top of you – but each time you conquer another difficulty, you feel on top of the world.

Ask yourself why you are entering cycles of seemingly impossible tasks, only to surmount them then search out more. The rush that achievement brings provides you with an endorphin surge that is addictive – you are compelled to seek out bigger and better challenges to sustain your habit.

If this sounds familiar, you may be presenting a strong and courageous face to the world, but really you’re drawing on your strength rather than devoting time to explore your weaknesses. It’s time to unclutter your life of all the issues dragging you down – the lower you are dragged down the harder you have to fight to get back on top. Do you really want to stay this exhausted?

Pick up your sword and declare battle against the clutter in your life. There is as much satisfaction to be found in simplicity as there is in resolving complexity.

Reconnect With Your Inner Athena

If you have clothes in your wardrobe you haven’t worn in a year, give them away. If you have books on your shelf that you know you are not going to read again, pass them on. What junk is lurking in your drawers that you haven’t used (or even laid eyes on)? Throw it out! Toss out sticky bottles of who-knows-what at the back of your fridge – fill it instead with fresh fruit, and top up with water ready for each new day to come.

As the wheel of the year turns, clear your immediate environment, and be boosted by how much lighter you feel.

what would goddess do? wwgd journal for getting answers to the question wwgd

What Would Athena Do?

… If she were in your situation, she would rally her courage and lead by example. She would inspire others with her diplomacy, determination and willingness to help out for the greatest good of all.

(From What Would Goddess Do? A Journal For Channelling Divine Guidance by Anita Revel)

How are you using your sword this week?

Blissed be! ❤ Anita Revel


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