Bali: Coach Certification Course: 16-18 Sept 2014

Get qualified with coach certification skills in Bali, 16-18 September 2014

Join Anita Revel in Bali, 16-18 September 2015, for her fabulous Goddess For Life coach certification course.

Get qualified (and the confidence!) to inspire women in their career, social, health and creativity goals in just 2 days!


The beautiful Jimbaran Bay area (famous for beach dining while watching the sunsets)… Accommodation details will be emailed to you upon booking so you can book directly the style of room that suits you best. Expect to pay around AUD$50 per night.

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Who makes a great mentor?

On a professional level, being a “Goddess For Life” mentor is best suited to life coaches, mentors, career coaches, fitness and health trainers, and small business service providers who are seeking to inspire other women in their life as part of their living.

This accreditation is another specialisation to add to an existing professional portfolio.

On a personal level, mothers and teachers can also use these techniques to help build teenage girls’ self-esteem and clarity.

Women who gather or lead circles of women can also use the skills in this program to inspire and motivate their sisters like never before!


In addition to networking with other proactive and savvy goddess sisters, you will also gain basic and practical skills in overhauling limiting beliefs and setting into motion new, positive action plans.

You will also acquire:

  • In-depth understanding of how effective “Goddess For Life” coach certification is, and how it can help you become more accomplished in your own business;
  • A range of skills including rapport building, excellent motivation techniques and how to become an effective mentor and teacher in your own circle of women;
  • How to apply a range of tools to identify your clients’ primary learning modality, motivation models and to trigger inner awareness;
  • Processes for coaching session including timings, running sheets, templates, handouts, scripts and exercises that will form your essential handbook;
  • Hands-on practicum with all the exercises included in the manual, with the opportunity to adapt them to suit your own style;
  • Access to Power Tools at wholesale pricing;
  • Eligibility to renew your registration for just $49 per year, for life;
  • A comprehensive marketing plan developed with Anita and the group.


When you arrive at the Resort in Bali , take all the time you need to settle in and become acquainted with your surroundings. We will gather as a group at 6pm and decide where we shall eat our welcome meal – in the resort’s highly-rated restaurant, or perhaps even on the beach while watching the sunset!

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Day 1: Introduction, Skills and Tools

Day 1 begins with a gentle stretch and gentle movement session to switch our receptors “on” and open us to learning new skills and modalities.

  • Structure, objectives and outcomes of the certification course including code of ethics
  • Overview of the skill set we will learn and practice;
  • Introduction to the range of tools included in the Goddess For Life coaching program;
  • Skill 1: Rapport Development
  • Skill 2: Easy-peasy Motivation
  • Skill 3: Great Questions
  • Skill 4: Vision Boarding (without the mess)
  • Skill 5: Action Planning
  • Tool 1: Pre-interview Template
  • Tool 2: Initial Interview Questionnaire
  • Tool 3: Goddess Power Tools
  • Tool 4: Templates, Scripts and Handouts


Day 2: The Processes & Assessment

Once again we welcome the day with stretching and daily salutes, before putting all the theory we learned yesterday into seriously good practice. Working with a partner we shall:

  • Conduct a pre-interview and assess the results;
  • Conduct the first interview and create a personal vision statement;
  • Work with your “client” to lock-in the first 30-day action plan;
  • Map out our own schedule to follow-up with the client at regular times by mutual agreement;
  • Create a marketing plan for implementing Goddess For Life coaching in your own practice.



To successfully get your certificate and become registered as a Certified “Goddess For Life” Coach you will be required to complete the formal assessment elements:

  1. Written and delivered a personal vision statement;
  2. Passed an exam (relax, it’s no more than 15 minutes!)
  3. Proven how you will implement your marketing plan by way of an action plan.

At the completion of the certification course, you will be handed your certificate!

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Sometimes a “bit of paper” is enough to give you the confidence, the support and the validation that you are a brilliant, shining light and you are more than ready to inspire the women in your life too.

You will also get a page in the Coach Directory at to promote your coaching services, and three follow-up one-on-one sessions with Anita to ensure a smooth transition into your new role.

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The Goddess For Life coaching certification includes:

  • Level 1 Certication
  • Two full days of certification workshop with Anita and no more than 10 participants;
  • All materials and resources to help you become a capable and confident teacher, mentor and leader amongst your circle of sisters.

Please note:

  • Registration does not include annual license fee of $49 pa.
  • There is no early-bird rate because places are expected to book out very quickly.
  • Airfares, transfers, meals and activities are at your own discretion. Allow AUD$20 for transfer each way, $30 for meals each day (more if you drink alcohol), and extra for activities such as massages, snorkeling, shopping and so on.



$745.00 (Incl. GST %)
How many ?


Following the success of the Coach Certification program conducted in Bali in 2013, we're doing it again! This time, in September 2014.

Sometimes a "bit of paper" is enough to give you the confidence, the support and the validation that you are a brilliant, shining light and you are more than ready to inspire the women in your life too.

~ Anita Revel


About Anita

About Anita Revel

Anita Revel is an Australian author and award-winning business owner who has been pioneering the Inner Goddess movement since the late 1990s. Over the past decade she has helped tens of thousands of women to gain confidence in living with authenticity, integrity and an inner goddess glow.

With a background in marketing (her clients included Toyota Motor Corporation Australia and the Health Insurance Commission), she is an accomplished certified Life Coach who holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Consumer Science), Diploma of Education (secondary), NLP Practitioner Certification – this makes her a 100% bonafide Certified Goddess!

Anita lives in the stunning Margaret River region of Western Australia. This is where she practices what she teaches, achieving balance in the Health, Heart and Hip-Pocket aspects of her life. When she’s not coaching, writing or conducting weddings, she’s fulfilling another dream and traveling the world.

I look forward to meeting you in Bali!

Much love,
Anita Revel


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