Bast: enjoy play-time

Bast’s mother goddess energy is mostly nurturing, but like all mothers, is occasionally a disciplinarian for the greatest good of all. She encourages you to enjoy play-time, but enforce your boundaries and accept consequences of letting them be crossed!

  • Mantra: Play
  • Gemstones: Fire Agate, Pyrite, Sunstone, Agate, Jasper, Lapis Lazuli
  • Essential Oils: Goddess-ence Ishtar* blend for the sacral chakra, and for unleashing the playful goddess within.


  • goddess bast promotes playfulnessIf love is an ocean, let me fall in ~ from Affirmation Goddess, Express Your Way to Happiness
  • I am playful
  • I enjoy the journey!
  • I embrace life in its absolute fullness
  • I reach out and take hold of this moment
  • Today I choose to do what I can, and I can do anything


Her Story

Bast, or Bastet, is an Egyptian goddess of the sun but was later adopted by the Greeks as a goddess of the moon. She is the daughter of Isis and Osiris (Ra), and is represented as a cat-headed woman holding a sistrum (rattle) in her right hand and a protective totem (cat) in the other.

In days when the food supply was threatened by vermin such as rats, mice and cobra, cats were revered in ancient Egypt.

As the ancestral mother of all cats, Bast is the patron of play (and possibly lazing in puddles of sunshine but I’ve yet to find a source to confirm this fact.) However, like the other side of cats, Bast is capable of showing her claws in order to defend herself or her loved ones. Whether it be from vermin or threats in the guise of vermin, beware of Bast’s “tigress mother” energy when she decides to attack.

In this sense, she is a goddess of pleasure providing it is for the greatest good of all.

Her Modern Energy

Joy, dancing and music are energised with Bast’s influence, but only if you follow a recipe for wholeness of body, mind and spirit.

If Bast is speaking to you today, it is likely you are subscribing to the patriarchal “no pain, no gain” formula. Bast is here to tell you that you can have your cake and eat it too — what is the point of having cake otherwise? You have permission to enjoy your life without having to go through pain to get to the good stuff.

Reconnect With Your Inner Bast

Indulge yourself today. The simplest things can bring you the greatest pleasure. Eat a block of chocolate and don’t feel guilty. Leave work 30 minutes earlier to walk the dog further than normal; sit under a tree and count the blades of grass; sprawl on the couch and read a book. Make up silly stories with your children; turn up the stereo and dance with a broom; pretend you’re a kitten and explore the garden on all fours. And of course, don’t forget to laze an afternoon away basking in a puddle of sunshine 😉

Whatever you decide to do, just focus on what truly please you. Do it today. When you emerge refreshed, call on Bast to help you find the courage to do it again next week! 🙂

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What Would Bast Do?

Depicted with the head of a cat, the Egyptian goddess Bast is the patroness of play. If she were in your situation she would follow a recipe for wholeness of body, mind and spirit, finding the perfect balance between discipline and fun.

(From What Would Goddess Do? by Anita Revel)

How Does This Resonate With You?

Blissed be! ❤ Anita Revel


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