Be the kind of woman that…

Be the kind of woman that…

… when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says “Oh crap, she’s up!” 

be the kind of woman that dances even when there's no musicThis well-known expression made me laugh out loud this morning… so much so I began a list of other things that would make me “that kind of woman.”

In the spirit of Bast, some of it’s playful, but underlying each point is a serious sentiment.

I’ve started my list here. Please add to it, at your leisure.

Be the kind of woman that…

… takes ‘No’ as the start of a negotiation, not the end
… isn’t afraid to do a U-turn when she’s on the wrong road
… knows that today’s escapades are tomorrow’s morning tea
… is adept at riding the winds of fortune
… chooses her battles wisely – big enough to matter, small enough to win
… kisses slowly, forgives quickly and dances a hell of a tango
… does what she can with what she has in what time she has to do it
… is as strong as the coffee she drinks and the friends she has
… grabs second chances without second glances
… demands tequila and salt when life gives her lemons
… fights for what she loves and against what she hates
… lets the day happen whether she gets out of bed or not
… doesn’t believe in bathroom scales or newspapers
… predicts her future by creating it
… brings her own sunshine no matter what the weather
… takes the greatest delight in the smallest of miracles
… loves her body, loves her Self and loves her goddess within

~ Anita Revel

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