Bodicea: channel energy in a constructive way

Bodicea stands Amazon-like, her feet grounded and body erect, garbed as Warrior Queen, leading her followers confidently. Like the tigress mother who protects her young, she harnesses her anger to seek justice for those dear to her. 

  • Mantra: Focus
  • Gemstones: Amber, Tiger eye, Yellow jade
  • Essential Oils: Goddess-ence Persephone* blend for the solar plexus chakra, the home of Self-ownership and empowerment


  • an affirmation for facing danger with courageI am free
  • I am revitalised
  • I release my anger
  • I use my energy for the highest good
  • I release my fear of the opinions of others
  • My awesome power is released in a healthy manner

Her Story

The great Celtic queen whose name means “victory” became synonymous with terror and savagery as she amassed an army of 20,000 Celts to execute revenge for the rape of her two young daughters.

She cut a path of ruthless destruction as she led her people in violent revolt against the Roman Governor of the province of Britannia, killing an estimated 70,000 people who stood in her way. She destroyed three cities including London, before disappearing – it is thought that she took her own life rather than be taken prisoner by the Romans.

Her Modern Energy

If Bodicea is speaking to you today, you may be experiencing a blockage, or what you see as a huge injustice. You want to scream, maim and kill with Bodicea’s fierce anger transformed into superhuman energy!

But in this day and age, not only is killing somebody highly illegal, it will also make a terrible mess on your carpet. So, absorb Bodicea’s energy, but channel it so that the force is directed in the most useful area – write to politicians, sign petitions, seek advice, get counselling…

Reconnect With Your Inner Bodicea

Imagine right this moment that you are free from the blockage or maddening frustration. The limitations you’ve imposed on yourself have dropped away. The disappointments of your past no longer hold you down. The opinions of others cannot stand in your way any more.

Imagine that you are free to focus on creating a better life for yourself and for the world in which you live. Though there are difficult challenges, rather than wasting your energy worrying about or fighting them, you use that energy to work your way through them.

Carry tiger eye stones near your solar plexus chakra to stimulate the balancing and creative energy within.

what would goddess do? wwgd journal for getting answers to the question wwgdWhat Would Bodicea Do?

… If she were in your situation, she would rally her tigress mother energy and seek justice. She would ensure that her adversaries were made accountable for their actions. She would do so knowing that ultimately, the best revenge lies within living a wonderful life.

(From What Would Goddess Do?)

How are you getting rid of “dead wood” today?

Blissed be!

❤ Anita Revel


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