BOTIBOTO: Beautiful On The Inside, Beautiful On The Outside

beautiful on the inside beautiful on the outside a modern empowerment story for well rounded women where inner beauty winsAn empowerment tale for well-rounded women, when inner beauty wins.

Why are we obsessed with glamorous beauty, celebrity and youth when there are a million everyday goddesses enriching the world with their inner beauty?

This modern day empowerment story for well rounded women was written by Anita Revel and illustrated by Sally Grant. 

BOTIBOTO is a story of celebrities, body image, and how one girl found her divine inner spark because of it all. This beautifully illustrated eBook is for the everyday goddess who wants to be reminded of her beauty inside and out.

Let’s face it. A woman who is beautiful on the inside is naturally beautiful on the outside. She is what I call BOTIBOTO (Beautiful On The Inside Beautiful On The Outside).

This empowerment story for well-rounded women came about after Anita Revel ran a poll on her website to find “the most beautiful woman in the world.” Visitors could choose from Madonna, Lucy Liu, Sophia Loren, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

In a decisive victory, 62 percent voted that the most beautiful woman in the world is… “in the mirror!” Just goes to show, a woman who is connected to her beautiful inner self is able to radiate this beauty on the outside too. Yes, inner beauty wins!

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Give Your Best Friend an Award for Being Beautiful

botiboto award for beautiful friendsThis BOTIBOTO Award comes from the author of “Beautiful On The Inside, Beautiful On The Outside” (BOTIBOTO), Anita Revel. It is Anita’s dream that all women realise that when they are Beautiful On The Inside they are naturally Beautiful On The Outside.

This is an award for bloggers and goddess sisters to pass around and give each other to celebrate inner beauty. A letter to an award winner might look like this…

Congratulations beautiful friend! I am awarding you the BOTIBOTO Award (Beautiful On the Inside, Beautiful On the Outside). To find out why I have awarded this to you, please visit MY BLOG/LINK.

I hope you will accept this Award and tell all your global sisters everywhere about it so they too can celebrate their own innate beauty too. You can also share this award by picking five blogs that you consider deserve this award too. Simply go to for details, and to collect your Award.

Alternatively, tag a friend on Facebook — who inspires you with her inner beauty to you?


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