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Luxurious Body Bars

Haters gonna hate! How to harness the hate to get things done.

Last month I shared with you my strategy for losing 20kg, regaining my health, and fitting back into my wedding dress… Mostly the responses to my story were supportive and cheer-squaddy, (thanks!! And by the way, yes I did complete a half-marathon!).

But there were also angry, hateful and derogatory responses too, mostly from haters who don’t know any better.   Continue reading

How I fit back into my wedding dress in 3 easy steps

15 months ago I found myself unable to climb the stairs to my front door. My weight had steadily increased to the point where my knees could no longer carry me. Fast forward, and I’m walking-the-talk for regaining fitness and regaining my life. Further, I’m happy to share my secrets in three easy steps…   Continue reading

400 positive adjectives to celebrate your beautiful YOU

Ready to rock your beautiful you?

Love Your Body (positive adjectives)This list of 400 positive adjectives comes from the little eBook, 21 Ways to Love Your Body.

In it, there is an exercise for using these positive adjectives to remind you of your amazing, beautiful, valuable Self.


Continue reading

Overcome overwhelm – coping strategies for the too-busy gal

coping strategies to overcome overwhelm with goddess kwan yin“I’m too busy to think straight!” How many times have you found yourself saying something like this? If it’s more than once a week, it’s possible you need some strategies to overcome overwhelm.

Overwhelm is the state of having your thoughts, emotions or senses overpowered by stress, worry and fatigue.  Continue reading

What not to wear (Dress like a goddess!)

Do you know the TV makeover shows – “What Not to Wear” and the like? Do you watch them with a critical eye, wondering how the “before” version of the woman could get any more awkward and guileless? Or do you love watching how the show hosts identify the woman’s inner beauty and find ways to let that shine on the outside?  Continue reading

I have a dream… (business for sale)

Greetings sisters!

I have a dream…

jacaranda trees in margaret river

This is my 4-year-old blessing the jacarandas we planted in 2012. She blessed each one with the words, “Grow well tree, and make me lots of purple flowers.”

I have big plans to build a chapel on our property in Margaret River.

I have sketched up the design, and my husband and I stepped out the site plan together.

I showed his where I’m going to put the picnic tables (for picnic-vintage-outdoor weddings and celebrations), and when the 35 degree heat got too much, we sat under the century-old flame trees while I painted my vision in words.

There will be breezy fabric adorning the indoor/outdoor chapel, lanterns hanging from the trees, picnic games for the guests to play, double-seater swings for the couples in love, and a hundred gorgeous props scattered around the grounds to delight every photographer.

There’ll be white flags and bunting through the trees, Jacaranda flowers on the floor, blue skies above and romance absolutely everywhere.  Continue reading

Prayer for Growing Old (Dis)Gracefully

Need a prayer for growing old? Here it is!

Dear Higher Power, You know better than I myself that I am growing older and will someday be old. Keep me from the fatal habit of thinking I must say something on every subject and on every occasion. Continue reading

Coping with annoyances & obstacles (and how to see them as blessings)

Over the weekend I had melted jelly (jello) poured over my laptop computer. It killed the laptop and I’m waiting to hear if any data can be rescued. If not, that’s two years of work gone, and even worse, hundreds of photos and video footage of my toddler daughter growing up. Continue reading

Stand up for yourself (with NLP)

Turn sissy to sassy! If you’re having trouble standing up for yourself, try this exercise using the New Behaviour Generator (with NLP). It will take you from being unhappy with how you handle a situation, to being able to manage it appropriately and easily. Continue reading