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Luxurious Body Bars

400 positive adjectives to celebrate your beautiful YOU

Ready to rock your beautiful you?

Love Your Body (positive adjectives)This list of 400 positive adjectives comes from the little eBook, 21 Ways to Love Your Body.

In it, there is an exercise for using these positive adjectives to remind you of your amazing, beautiful, valuable Self.


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What not to wear (Dress like a goddess!)

Do you know the TV makeover shows – “What Not to Wear” and the like? Do you watch them with a critical eye, wondering how the “before” version of the woman could get any more awkward and guileless? Or do you love watching how the show hosts identify the woman’s inner beauty and find ways to let that shine on the outside?  Continue reading

What do you love about yourself?

hooray i love my selfBlodeuwedd is a Welsh goddess whose beauty is said to be skin deep.  We know that true beauty comes from within, but did you know we are also allowed to be beautiful on the outside? Be proud of your assets! Continue reading

Prayer for Beauty

This prayer for beauty was first published in my book, The Goddess DIET. By popular demand, I am reproducing it here for you to share with the world. (Thank you for providing a credit to the author, Anita Revel!)

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