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One for the blokes… (and how we can help)

aphrodite as depicted by antoniaThere is a scene from the Dutch movie called Antonia’s Line, (a story that depicts how a matriarchal community find happiness while rejecting typical “society” roles,)  that has stayed with me – the school teacher appearing with the body of Aphrodite and the sacred heart of the virgin Mary, complete with rays of light and a backdrop of glorious hallelujahs. I think of this every time I think about the plight of our disempowered menfolk.  Continue reading

77 ideas for self-nurturing

The goddess Ceres teaches us the importance of self-nurturing. And so, with the help of the Monash University Counselling Service, I’m reproducing here “77 Ideas” For Nurturing the Goddess Within.  Continue reading

Money “Angel” – you’ve been tagged

you've been tagged by the money angel goddess sri laxmiI got tagged with this “money angel” by email. I had to laugh because this vision is not an angel – she is the goddess Sri Laxmi.

But seeing as Sri Laxmi is a goddess associated with prosperity, (and we could always benefit from putting positive intentions for abundance out there), I thought I’d give the tag-email a facelift. What do you think?  Continue reading

My Goddess Creed

rock your goddess life by creating a goddess creedDeveloping a goddess creed allows you to summarise or talk about your Self and your passions with confidence. It outlines your dreams and ethics, and creates a word-picture of your inner goddess (your Self).  Continue reading

Right at home as a domestic goddess

Forget Nigella Lawson – these are the real domestic goddess role models! 😉

i'd rather lie down than do housework

I’ve heard there is merit in doing housework, but personally I don’t see the point of making beds, sweeping the floor and cleaning windows if it only has to be done again in six months’ time.  Continue reading

How to have goddess time (with your Goddess Birth Sign)

chill out and relax with your goddess birth sign

We all need a sacred space in our homes where we can “be.” A place to simply breathe, brood and let life go on around us. But perhaps more than a physical space to do this in, we need to  Continue reading

Magic happens when…

magic happens when women gatherYou’ve all seen the bumper stickers that declare “Magic Happens”… Back before I started on my spiritual quest that has become my path, I often wondered what “Magic Happens” meant.  Continue reading

15 ways to tap into your inner muse

“Muse” is a word bandied about by artists, song-writers, poets, deep thinkers and other lovers of creative pursuits. But what does the word mean, where did the concept come from, and how the heck does it help you get creative? Tap into your inner muse with these tips. Continue reading

Be the kind of woman that…

Be the kind of woman that…

… when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says “Oh crap, she’s up!”  Continue reading

I understand you have a problem… Can I help?


As you know, this is a new site, and I sooooo appreciate your patience while I complete the build.

❤ U!  Continue reading