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Chakra Essentials: How to use these amazing 100% pure essential oils for the chakras

chakra oils aromatherapyThese beautiful chakra oils have been the world’s most popular aromatherapy choice for balancing the chakras and restoring shine to your Spirit.

Blended with 100% pure essential oils, these soul-quenching Chakra Essential blends are perfect for daily anointing, yoga workouts, massage therapy, natural healing and for facilitating a state of “goddess-ness” at work, home and play. Continue reading

Money and mojo: enrich your worth and self-respect

self-worth and self-respect how to guide and money affirmationsMoney and mojo. Two issues that hit the ‘hot button’ in most of us.

And so they should – women naturally want beautiful, rewarding, enriching and nurturing relationships, and very often we strive to ensure they are all of this – 
we share our time and energy with our partners, children, extended family, colleagues and community.  Continue reading

Listen to Your Inner Goddess

intuition tuition - how to trust your gut instinct and inner goddessYou’ve probably uttered the words, “I wish I’d trusted my gut instinct” before… Intuition is a powerful kind of inner wisdom. It’s not necessarily rational or logical, and it’s often no more than a hunch or an instinct. Continue reading

5 ways to find – and follow – your heart’s calling

When your heart’s calling, answer it!

You’ve heard the key to happiness is to “follow your heart”? It sounds easy enough, but how do you know what your heart really wants? What is your heart’s calling (and even if you find it, how do you answer the call?)

And even more questions…  Continue reading

Create a Successful eCourse

(c) Anita Revel

Having already converted a couple of books into e-Courses, I get asked several times a week, “How do you do it?”

Rather than answer you all one-by-one, I thought I’d create a step-by-step guide instead so you can decide if it’s something you want to do yourself in just seven steps.  Continue reading

How to De-Clutter

Clutter is the accumulation of “stuff”, whether physically (in your home or office) or emotionally (past hurts or pain). It produces stagnant energy which slows you down. You might feel heavy, stale, drained or trapped in a life that doesn’t feel right. In my case, I definitely feel smothered when surrounded by it.  Continue reading