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Love is like jello… a lesson in finding your soul mate

fall in self-love to find true loveA couple of years ago, I was having an e-chat with a fellow author, Jean-Claude Koven, when he told me about how his partner manifested their relationship through ritual and intent. He was amazed that one woman could be so powerful! I couldn’t help but smile – any woman who steps into her power is the essence of the Universe’s magnificence. I know this because it happened to me too.

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Which Greek Goddess Are You? (By Eve Menezes Cunningham, via Soul & Spirit Magazine)

which greek goddess are you quizIf you’re trudging through life instead of gliding gracefully from day to day, it’s time to activate your Goddess energy. Eve Menezes Cunningham helps you discover which of the seven you most resemble, and how to activate your Goddess appeal.

Click here (or on the image) to read the article and quiz to discover which Greek Goddess you are.

What’s Your Goddess Archetype? (Nova Magazine May 2007)

goddess archetype quiz in nova magazine

All women go through stages of self-criticism and doubt.

So what is stopping you from seeing yourself as a goddess?

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An Introduction to Goddess Birth Signs (Woman’s Day 10 Jan 2005)

goddess birth signs appeared in Woman's Day in 2005 for the first time

To shine with a goddess glow, reconnect with your archetypal goddess.

Just like astrology, goddess energy defines who you are and what your life purpose may be. In fact, before modern-day zodiac signs, your ancestors were born under the domain of the goddesses rather than the planets.  Continue reading

Goddess Workout – Harness your inner goddess to access the perfect workout for you (Sunday Times body+soul)

goddess workout according to your birth signLisa Marie Presley doesn’t do yoga – she prefers to get her exercise by biting the hell out of her fingernails. But according to Anita Ryan (now Revel), Presley would find a whole new world of soul-satisfying fitness if she were to take heed of her goddess birth sign.  Continue reading

‘Divine Power’ – Use sultry summer days to celebrate the goddess within (Sunday Times body+soul)

divine power goddess tips for summer

Divine PowerUse sultry summer days to celebrate the goddess within.

Dust off the bikini, add fake tan to the shopping list and stock the fridge with lime and soda. Summer’s here and it’s time to indulge in the juicy, fertile magic vibes the season brings – in fact, it’s the perfect time to empower summer wishes with goddess inspiration.  Continue reading

‘Spinning Around’ – Body issues can be balanced by essential oils (Sunday Times body+soul)

aromatherapy for body+soul sunday timesSpinning Around Chakras, energy centres relating to body issues, can be balanced with essential oils.

Surely it’s something we all learned in school. Our bodies are made up water, fat, lean muscle and spinning wheels of light. Well, maybe not. No-one may ever have told you, but the “spinning wheels” are known as chakras – energy centres that relate to spiritual, emotional, psychological and physiological issues.”  Continue reading