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Marketing Made Easy for Celebrants. Boost Your Bookings!

Marketing for Celebrants? The proven & practical guide is here…

Celebrants know how to create and deliver beautiful, personalised ceremonies. But with the ever-growing number of Celebrants in Australia today, getting noticed (and hired!) is the key to making a living from the work you love.

As competition increases, only marketing-savvy Celebrants will build a thriving business. Don’t be left behind!

Marketing Made Easy for Celebrants will help you craft and implement your own marketing strategies at low cost and low risk.

Marketing for Celebrants should be easy, cost-effective, and result in enough bookings to provide you with a living. Therefore, follow the ideas, tools and advice in this book to:

* Slash your current marketing costs
* Boost your bookings with free promotional tools
* Learn which marketing activities are best for you
* Build a sticky brand that will sky-rocket your profile
* Discover the single-most effective technique for blitzing your competition

Buy this book if you are a registered Marriage Celebrant or an Officiant for any of life’s important events – child namings, boat launchings, de facto or same-sex commitments, vow renewals, citizenship ceremonies, coming-of-age celebrations, hand-fastings or even divorce parties.

Whatever you specialise in, a good, easy-to-follow marketing plan is essential to your success.

With the worksheets and templates included in this book, you can create and action your own marketing plan within minutes.

Most of the work is already done for you – all you need to do is watch your business grow with every strategy you put into place.

$34.95 (Incl. GST %)
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Kick-start your business success for only AUD$34.95

Get the Next Edition Free

Get the next edition free! See page 110 of the book for details.

ORACLE CARDS Affirmation Goddess: Express Your Way to Happiness

Beautiful oracle cards for the beautiful goddess within

Finally, oracle cards that are modern, relevant and 100% accurate for helping you find the perfect affirmation…

Pssst! Try the online oracle for free, here!

Affirmations are one of the most effective “power tools” for intentionally bringing about positive change. This collection of affirmations by Anita Revel will help you maintain a positive mindset, override toxic thinking and bring your heart’s desires to life.

The book contains essential advice for how to create your own perfect affirmation, keys to using affirmations successfully, and tips for knowing which affirmation to choose for your situation. The affirmations are based on the seven states of wellbeing, so no matter what your situation, you will find an affirmation that is right for you.

Realise your truth, enjoy holistic wellbeing, and express your way to happiness!

$29.95 (Incl. GST %)
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Affirmation Goddess: Express Your Way to Happiness is a gorgeous set of 60 glossy cards and 148-page book full of modern and sassy affirmations for modern women. Use your favourite affirmation to stay on track with your goals, or use the card deck as an oracle for journalling and deeper exploration.

Beautiful cards! Every card just seems to resonate perfectly! ~ Tracey Jewel


I'd give these 10 stars if I could!!! The sassy puts them over the top... way over! And the pics are both amazing and fun! LOVE THEM!!! ~ Michelle Egeler-Doetsch

These cards are so beautiful-the images are strong and stunning and the affirmations spectacular. I'm an artist, and have struggled to get enough work done due to extreme fatigue-I keep pulling out "you have all the time in the world" which gives me permission to have a rest day and then I work when I'm able without guilt! ~ Lynne Lund

Awesome. Sorry I can't pick a favorite. They're all so beautiful. Blessings to you. ~ Vivi O'Stara


Author's Note

This book contains just some of the affirmations that helped me achieve great results, on both personal and professional levels.

I crafted this collection over many 
years of practice and action. Likewise, 
it is my wish that they may help you, 
the modern woman, achieve lasting success, happiness and abundance 
in all things yummy. You will find them to be linguistically lush, luminous and occasionally a wee bit cheeky.

I trust you will enjoy using them and finding new ways to shine!

Blissed be, Anita Revel

How to Use the Book

This book accompanies the beautiful deck of full-
colour, glossy and irresistible cards. Even if you have lent your cards to a friend, or have 
them hanging from every wall surface in the house, 
you can still use this book in many useful ways.

As an Oracle

An oracle is a divination tool that helps reveal answers 
or show you ways to move forward. Use this book as 
an oracle by opening it at random on a page with an image and interpretation. Use the affirmation that resonates with you the strongest throughout your day 
or week. In using it, a deep issue you were previously unaware of may very well surface for healing and transformation.

As a Guide to Problem Solving

Sometimes we have the rosiest 
of lives but for a “pimple” on the scene. If you know what the problem is, you can go directly to the section that will help you best deal with it.

For example, if you are lacking in energy or oomph, 
go to the Affirmations for Physical Wellbeing section to become fitter, more grounded and/or more comfortable with your direction.

If you don’t know what the bug-bear is, however, 
you can either use the book as an oracle, as described previously, or use your preferred chakra-healing method to determine which of your chakras is blocked. Once you know where you are blocked, and therefore which state of wellbeing needs addressing, use an appropriate affirmation to clear the blockage.

The states of wellbeing and their associated chakras are:

  • Physical wellbeing: Base chakra
  • Transitional wellbeing: Sacral chakra
  • Personal wellbeing: Solar Plexus chakra
  • Emotional wellbeing: Heart chakra
  • Creative wellbeing: Throat chakra
  • Mental wellbeing: Third-eye chakra
  • Spiritual wellbeing: Crown chakra
  • Holistic wellbeing: All chakras in balance

As Inspiration

Occasionally you will find an image or affirmation that just sings to you. You’ll want to cut it out and keep it in your wallet, in your journal or in your office. Rather than damaging your book, permission is granted to photocopy up to five percent of this book for personal use. This means you may copy up to seven pages to stick on your mirror or pin-up board. (After that, copyright law kicks in and you may not take copies without further permission. Please contact the publisher for details.)

Using The Affirmation Cards

The affirmation cards depicted in this book are very 
user-friendly – you can use them in many ways to achieve the results you’re seeking. Here are just some ideas for how you can use them:

  • Flick through the deck and write down your very 
first reaction upon seeing each card. When you find one that resonates, work with the affirmation or 
theme until you get a result. Inverse meanings are 
also suggested in this guide, so if you have an adverse reaction to a card, aim to eliminate the negative energy.
  • Create rapport with your cards. Spend time gazing at the pictures and holding the cards to your heart. This guide offers expanded card meanings, but remain open to additional messages revealed to you via each card.
  • Pull a single card each day to answer a question, to confirm what you already know is true, or as a mini-reading. If it’s a reading, shuffle the cards and ask, “What do I need to know today?” Journal how the message applies to your situation, and act according 
to how your card and intuition guide you.
  • Healers, therapists and yoga instructors may use the cards to identify blockages in their clients. Individuals can do the same for themselves. If you “choke” on an affirmation, work with it to identify issues that need resolving or healing. 
For example, if your card relates to personal boundaries, look for signs of manipulation, abuse, disrespect, causes of anxiety, or events that disconnect you from your authentic Self. Examine ways to resolve this blockage. You may choose to work with the affirm-ation provided with that card, or choose another affirmation to resolve the situation.

Ideas For Layouts

You might also choose to lay out your cards in your favourite style. Here are some ideas to start with:

  • Simple One-Card Layout: Ensure you get a good answer by asking a good question! Make sure it applies to you and your situation, and includes a request for guidance. For example, What is this 
situation teaching me? What lesson have I yet to learn? 
Or even, How can I achieve…?
  • Basic Three-Card Layout The first card focuses on your past, the second on your present and the third 
on your future.
  • Triple Feminine Healing: Focus on your maiden, matron, maven aspects – your conditioning from childhood; major influences as you’ve grown into adulthood; and where your strengths and gifts lie 
as a wise woman and teacher. For men, work with 
the warrior, father, sage aspects.

21 Ways to Love Your Body (… and let it love you back!)

Ready to rock your positive body image?

Love Your BodyTaking positive steps to appreciating your body, both physically and emotionally, is the most rewarding thing you can do for your health, happiness and getting on with your life purpose.

In developing this guide, I lost 14kg and gained new zest for living. I found new friends and joie de vivre when I started an exercise program and participated in the first running race of my life. And,  Continue reading

Princess For a Day, Goddess For Life

As a Civil Marriage Celebrant, I meet all kinds of brides. Relaxed ones, excited ones, calm ones, panicky ones, ones that believe in serendipity and ones that micro-manage every moment leading up to their big day.

As unique as each bride is, however, there is one common trait they all share as it comes time to walk down that aisle – they are all acutely aware they are the centre of attention for the biggest, most important ceremony of their lives.  Continue reading

7 Day Chakra Workout (Handbook)

$8.97 (Incl. GST %)
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The 7-Day Chakra Workout is a revolutionary program designed to bring balance into your life using a variety of tools, techniques and triggers.

Chakra Workout handbook

Learn how colours, essential oils, gemstones, sound, archetypal goddesses, intention and actions can transform your life for the better.

This handbook is an indispensable guide for novices, healers, yoga lovers, life affirmers and leaders of self-development circles.

It is also a companion to the free e-Course.

"Be warned ... this program shifts stuff!" ~ e-Course graduate.

More about the 7 Day Chakra Workout by Anita Revel

The study of chakras dates back many centuries, and as such, they are considered an integral part of holistic health. By consciously working with your chakra energy and the issues that relate to each zone, you can bring your life into balance and experience a deep sense that all is right with your world.

In particular, you will be able to empower and uphold the seven essential facets of your life – security, abundance, power, love, truth, trust and joy.

The word chakra comes from Sanskrit (a classical language of India). The major chakras are often described as spinning wheels of light or auric energy centres. However you connect with them though, you won’t find them in a physical form if you were to cut open the body – they are esoteric and vibrational energy forces that are intrinsically linked with your body and physiological wellbeing.

The seven major chakras and their life-aspect are as follows:

Base — Connection
Sacral — Abundance
Solar Plexus — Power
Heart — Love
Throat — Truth
Third Eye — Trust
Crown — Joy

It is personal choice whether you work with the chakras from the base to the crown or vice versa. Some people bring energies into their crown and down through the meridian to the base, and then back up to the crown again. In theory, this Workout begins at the base and works up to the crown.

chakra locations from the 7 day chakra workout

Chakra Locations, from the 7-Day Chakra Workout by Anita Revel

Table of Contents

Ancient Theories, Modern Practice
Before You Begin
Ways You Can Do This Workout
Preparing Yourself for the Workout
Quiz: Am I Out of Balance?
The Seven Major Chakras␣
Tools & Techniques for Balance
—> Colours
—> Essential Oils
—> Gemstones
—> Sound
—> Archetypal Goddess
—> Intention
—> Actions
Other Chakra Balancing Tools
—> Flowers
—> Food
—> Elements
—> Directions
—> The Sensory System
—> Animals
—> Symbols
—> Mother Earth
Using the Tools in Your 7-Day Workout
Base Chakra :: Sunday
Sacral Chakra :: Monday
Solar Plexus Chakra :: Tuesday
Heart Chakra :: Wednesday
Throat Chakra :: Thursday
Third-Eye Chakra :: Friday
Crown Chakra :: Saturday

A message from the author

I was first introduced to the world of chakras in my late twenties via a series of workshops run by a sacred singer and teacher. Life began to make sense once I incorporated the various theories into my daily practices – I became more settled, I was happier on my path and I awakened to the hundreds of blissings being gifted to me every day.

Over time, I was guided to adapt the basic principles of the chakra system to work with the seven essential aspects of life – security, abundance, power, love, truth, trust and joy. This new method became my code for living. It was a mix of the old (the ancient, sacred chakra teachings) and the new (my interpretation and application into modem life.) For the first time I found it possible to marry the Spiritual with the Corporate and remain true to both walks of life. In doing so, the 7-Day Chakra Workout eventually evolved.

I think one of the advantages of this Workout is that you don’t need to drop everything in order to do it. You can simply incorporate the suggested activities into your regular life as it is now, so that you can form new, healthy habits and an inspired life for yourself.

I hope you enjoy The 7-Day Chakra Workout as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Love and blissings,
Anita Revel

Got a review? Post it below 🙂


Marketing for Authors – Sell More Books! (PDF for iPad)

Marketing for Authors hit Number 1 on the Kindle Store within a week!

marketing for authors hit number 1 in kindle store within a week

$4.95 (Incl. GST %)
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This is a PDF download.

The link to your download manager will appear immediately after you have completed the check-out process, but in case you missed it, click here to access your eBook.

It’s a little known fact that it’s up to authors to market themselves and their books. Whether you are published via a mainstream publishing house, self-published or even working your way through your first manuscript, this friendly-to-use guide and workbook is essential for every author who wishes to forward-plan for prosperity.

Warning: only use this guide if you want to SELL YOUR BOOKS!

“How will you get the 10,000 customers? How will you get to number one on Amazon? And how on earth will you clear your spare room of all that stock?

The answer is with carefully planned marketing campaigns, a healthy dose of legwork, and a commitment to years of shameless self-promotion. While it’s not always easy, this guide gives your shortcuts and tools that will save you years and tears.”

Anita Revel and written and published 17 books, including marketing guides for various industries. Based on her own experience, the advice in this guide will help you plan your way to more sales with minimum fuss.

In this easy-to-use marketing guide you will:

  • Learn the most essential element of any marketing campaign that you must know before you even write your first word
  • Imagine the different options for re-formatting and presenting your book
  • Identify the main distribution options and which is right for you
  • Explore different promotional tactics
  • Learn how to set a fair and accurate price for your book
  • Begin your own, tailored marketing plan

A Note From the Author

As the author of this book, I have presented the content of this book as a two-hour workshop on many occasions. It has gone through a lot of fine-tuning based on feedback from course participants, until finally what you see here is a succinct, logically structured, easy to understand guide for all authors – aspiring, beginner or veteran!

Nine times out of 10, the aspiring author was not aware they have to do their own marketing, whether they are published via a traditional publisher or they are self-published. On average, only one out of 10 has started some sort of marketing – even if it’s just to post a line or two as their Facebook status. In all cases, however, the authors left the workshop with ideas for promotion spilling out of their notebooks, and enthusiasm to get started spilling out of their creative souls!

The book covers the essential aspects of putting together a marketing plan, covering:

  • WHO” you are going to sell your books to,
  • WHAT” is it you’ll be selling,
  • WHERE” you will be selling it,
  • HOW” you will be selling it, and
  • HOW MUCH” to charge. (I even explain how to set a price for your book – one of the hardest tasks facing any author!)

Table of Contents

First Things First
It’s Not “Why” You Write…
… It’s “Who” You Write For!
… And What, Where, How and How Much!
The Marketing Mud-Map
What Are You Selling?
What the Bookstores Are Looking For
Other Options For Your Book
How They Can Help You Sell Your Book
Where Are You Selling It?
Your Distribution Model
Offline Distribution
Online Distribution
The Secret to Getting to Number One on Amazon
How Are You Selling It?
Getting the Message Right
Promotional Tactics
Promotional Products
How Much Are You Charging?
Three Ways to Set Your Price
10 Ways to Promote Your Book for Free
Ready, Set, Launch!
Planning the Party – Some Theme Ideas
Marketing Your Launch
Bonus Chapter: Case Studies of Authors Who Are Doing Great Marketing

Bonus Chapters

    • How to Plan a Virtual Book Tour – no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have internet connection you can market yourself globally with a few clicks of the mouse.
    • Getting Organised To Write and Market Your Book
    • Case Studies: Authors Who Are Doing Great Marketing.

In the “Case Studies” chapter, authors share their favourite marketing tactic, the effectiveness of that tactic, ways to implement it, and how it sells more books. Contributing authors and their advice in this edition are:

    • Give Away Information Via Social Media – Joanna Penn
    • Make Yourself an Available Twit – John Birmingham
    • Focus Test Your Manuscript with Your Target Audience Prior to Publishing – Karen Tyrrell
    • Ask For Reviews – Steven Lewis
    • Think (and Behave) Like a Retailer – Carolyn Howard-Johnson
    • Merchandise to the Max – Serene Conneeley
    • Don’t Be Stingy! – Simon Haynes
    • Turn Market Research Into Great Content – Anne Hill
    • Think Local As Much As Global – Sara Foster

What Would Goddess Do? A Journal for Channelling Divine Guidance

what would goddess do? wwgd journal for getting answers to the question wwgdWhat would goddess do?

This is a spiral-bound journal that provides prompts and answers to the question: What would goddess do?

Simply ask the question and turn to a random page to find what one of 52 goddesses would do in your situation. Continue reading

BOTIBOTO: Beautiful On The Inside, Beautiful On The Outside

beautiful on the inside beautiful on the outside a modern empowerment story for well rounded women where inner beauty winsAn empowerment tale for well-rounded women, when inner beauty wins.

Why are we obsessed with glamorous beauty, celebrity and youth when there are a million everyday goddesses enriching the world with their inner beauty? Continue reading

The Goddess DIET: See a Goddess in the Mirror in 21 Days

The Goddess DIET works because it connects the three crucial relationships between body, mind and spirit for a healthy self-esteem.

$24.95 (Incl. GST %)
Add the Goddess DIET Companion Journal? * Add the Companion Journal for just $3 and save $12.
Postage * Postage options
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Women rejoice! No more dangerous dieting; no more trash talking; no more self-loathing… In creating The Goddess DIET, Anita Revel found dozens of Daily Intentional Empowerment Tools ('DIET') to realign her physical, emotional and spiritual behaviours for holistic well-being.

Lose your inner critic, gain more energy
and fall in self-love.

The Goddess DIET is not a punishment. It is not about starvation, regimen, sweat or sacrifice. This new DIET is an acronym for Daily Intentional Empowerment Tools. It is a reward for following a responsible, easy and holistic approach to good health and a happy life.

The Goddess DIET works because it connects the three crucial relationships between body, mind and spirit for a healthy self-esteem.


Day 16. I have finally reached my first goal for weight loss I started at 73.9 kg (damn I said it there - that is what i was - yuck - 🙁 ) I am now 69.9kg (I wanted to see that 6). I cannot tell you how this makes me feel. I have basically improved my eating, cut my coffee and stopped munching my way through till bedtime. My old clothes are starting to re emerge.

The reason I gained weight was after my ex boyfriend committed suicide last November. ... I felt I didn't deserve happiness at all - how could I when my best friend lay dead? All really stupid but human feelings. So Patrick my man refused to let me destroy our love for each other - so I decided to hurt myself by hating myself and body. I ate and ate and ate. I gained a hefty 10 kg !!!

When I first read The Goddess DIET - I started to see sense again - I had already forgiven myself but was still hating the result of my self sabotage. But now - WOW - I look better feel better and realise that suicide is a terrible death to go through and the only person to blame is the person who commits the act ... I also have forgiven myself for being human and taking on the guilt.

Anita - I am a changed woman and I know it will not be long before I am back to my happy weight - Thank you - The Queen of Goddess - I salute you xx

~ Charmaine Wilson, 2005 Australian Psychic of the year, and winner of Channel Seven's "The One" (2008), a nationwide search for Australia's most gifted psychic.

So I just got this book on Friday, I'm a little over half-way through reading it (this isn't one of those fluffy diet books, you have to actually pay attention to the stuff you're reading), and I must say, I'm loving it!

This is really great stuff, Anita. I can't help but already feel empowered by all the things you've written and are suggesting. I own several diet/wellness/health books, and this is definitely one of my favorites. It really addresses the issues that so many don't. If you're not happy with yourself, then you're not going to be happy no matter what weight or dress size you're at. And then, once you achieve that goal, since you're still not happy, you're likely to just put all the weight, along with more self-loathing, back on.

I'd definitely encourage everybody to get this book, whether you need to lose weight or not, just because it has such sound advice regarding your mental state. Thank you, Anita!

~ Rebecca Ratcliffe, Inner Goddess member


 Warning! There are Side-Effects!

Before undertaking The Goddess DIET, be warned that the following side-effects have been reported by women who have completed the program:

  • Inexplicable desires to dance;
  • Bursts of random happiness;
  • Outbreaks of outrageous luck;
  • Unsolicited acts of kindness to self;
  • Eruptions of revived passion for living;
  • Frequent glimpses of your inner wow factor;
  • Spontaneous bouts of smiling for no reason;
  • Unprecedented feelings of self-respect;
  • Unintentional moments of cheerfulness;
  • Easy-peasy weight regulation;
  • Effortless energy throughout the day;
  • Irresistible attraction to love and light;
  • Multitudes of women asking for your secret;
  • Earth-shattering sense of peace and well-being;
  • Holistic health in all aspects of your life.

Disclaimer: Please do not purchase or share this book unless you are prepared to accept and relish the consequences as outlined above. However, when you are ready, you can click here to order.

Dear ...

A Note From the Author

Dear Goddess,

If you’re reading this book because you think it’s a manual for weight-loss, it’s my guess you:

  1. think you’re fat;
  2. really are fat;
  3. both of the above.

Take heart. If you are conditioned to be ashamed of your curves (as I was when I started this program), well, it’s time to overhaul your thinking about dieting, your body, your body image, your self esteem and your holistic well-being. It’s time to get real.

It is my pleasure to redefine the concept of dieting by providing you with Daily Intentional Empowerment Tools (’DIET’) to help you feel good about yourself. No more dangerous dieting; no more trash talking; no more self-loathing… The Goddess DIET realigns your physical, emotional and spiritual behaviours so that you can see a goddess in the mirror within 21 days.

When I first developed The Goddess DIET in 2005, my initial goal was to get back into my bikini. Happily, this program taught me so much more about myself and my values so that eventually, the bikini became a non-issue - I soon realised it was my attitude that was keeping me in the loop of self-loathing.

So, this project is the result of my decision to change my life in order to regain it. Physically, I found the ideal weight for my body (and my wardrobe!) that is sustainable, healthy and keeps me energised. And although I did lose a dress size as a side-effect of respecting my body, I attained so much more than a simple diet plan could have given me - I also benefited enormously on emotional and spiritual levels too. I lost my inner critic, gained more energy and fell in self-love.

Nearly four years on, I’m still living The Goddess DIET with ease. In fact, even though I’m a rampant foodie, regard champagne as a major food group, and have a new baby at the time of completing this book, I’m still lighter, healthier and happier than ever before.

I recorded the journey so you can see that even someone with a history of bulimia and chronic lethargy can overcome ingrained self-loathing and see a goddess in the mirror in 21 days. Herewith, is my journey, ‘warts’, tantrums, tiaras and all.

  • Companion Journal to T...


    This is a journal and workbook to help you love your body, love your Self, love your goddess within. It is the perfect compan...


The first part of this DIET is based on the single and simple principle of being kind to your body. Call it what you will – a vehicle, a temple, a house for your soul – in any case it needs maintenance to serve you well for the rest of your days.

Your body is a barometer for your self-respect: disrespect your body and it will stop co-operating. You’ll tire more easily, become grumpy more quickly, and get creaky when you move. Lord knows, a woman is only as young as her joints.

How you treat your body is a direct measure of your self-worth. To improve your standing, this section focuses on increasing your awareness of how food and food types affect your body and health, and how the right combination of food and exercise makes you feel fabulous and comfortable in your skin.

We’ll also look at some easy ways to overcome toxic habits. With practice you’ll be able to give your inner cynic the flick and give your body the respect it deserves.


Your mind and your attitude play a vital role in how you feel about your body and your life. This DIET dedicates a sizeable section to re-training your mind and your attitude so you can see good health is easy and achievable.

It is also so you can see the exquisite beauty in your body and your lifestyle choices. Love your body, love your Self.

I will show you how to recognise signs of self-sabotage, and how to curb habits of self-criticism and self- destruction. This does take some commitment, but remember, it is simply conditioning that created the ‘you’ that you are now. And just as you were conditioned to be a certain way, you can certainly teach yourself to be another way.


It is possible that as a child you were taught to rely on a greater power as your source of strength – Jesus, God/dess, Angels, Buddha, Shiva, the Universe, the Lord and Lady, a horny goat-god, an alien, Vogue magazine… There are as many faith systems as there are bubbles in my champagne glass.

In this DIET, you are encouraged to reclaim your power from outer influences. To do this, there are various ways to take the responsibility for your self-love into your own hands. This way, you only have yourself to thank for your shining success 😉

We’ll leave behind systems of deferred blame and gratitude, and empower ourselves instead by reconnecting with our authentic power within. I call this authentic power your ‘inner goddess’ – the beautiful and sacred being you were born to be. Love your body, love your Self, love your goddess within…

Why 21 Days?

Thanks to the work by plastic surgeon Dr Maxwell Maltz in the 1950s and ’60s, it is now accepted that it takes 21 days to break a habit. This came about when Dr Maltz noticed his patients would often feel the same on the inside even if they’d had reconstructive surgery to look different on the outside. He realised that a person’s relationship with their inner-self self paves the way for how they see their outer-self, so in an effort to avoid the scalpel, set about improving self-image as a means to repairing the patient’s outer-self.

Upon further investigation, he noted in his book, Psycho-Cybernatics (Pocket Books 1971), that it took 21 days for amputees to cease ‘feeling’ their amputated limb. He applied the same 21-day window to create self-image improvement prior to surgery, with the result being surgery became unnecessary for many patients.

Dr Maltz’s 21-day theory was supported when Yale School of Medicine researchers looked closely at synaptic connections (the brain circuitry that allows brain cells to talk to each other). According to Charles Greer, professor of neurosurgery and neurobiology and senior author of the study1, synaptic connections “…do not appear until 21 days after the birth of new brain cells.”


7 Day Bootcamp for Brides (PDF for iPad)

$4.95 (Incl. GST %)
How many ?


Every bride wants to shine on her wedding day – she's spending a lot of money for a beautiful dress, photographs and lifelong memories, after all.

But in all the chaos leading up to a wedding, it's easy for a bride to forget about her health. Soon she has blotchy skin, black bags and fingernails bitten to the quick. Bad habits emerge as she resorts to carrot sticks, coffee and champagne.

Stress levels rise, tempers shorten and high hopes plummet. Don't let this be you! Help is here!

This guide will help you regain your awesomeness in just seven days. Simply follow the rules and tips to go from stress hag to glowing bride. Stick with the rules and you'll keep your gorgeous glow for the rest of your life!

The ideas and exercises outlined in this program have been developed by professional nutritionists, fitness coaches and motivational experts, so you can be sure it's the most practical and safe program for you as the bride-to-be. In the next seven days you'll discover:

* The four keys to a healthy body for life;
* The foundations of great nutrition and enjoyable exercise;
* An attitude adjustment - goodbye fat frump, hello glowing bride!
* Permission to rest and recharge.

Tone it, burn it, bring it - feel fit, focused and fabulous on your wedding day!

Download Link

The link to your download manager will appear immediately after you have completed the check-out process, but in case you missed it, click here to access your eBook.

  • 7 Day Bootcamp for Bri...


    This is the paperback version available from ... clicking on the "Add to Cart" button will take you directly to ...