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Girl Get Your Goddess ON!

“Girl, get your goddess ON!” ~ a theme song for goddess gals!

theme song for goddess gals based on girl put your records onWherein, an Australian diva sings a cover which turns out to be a fabulous theme song for goddess gals…

Girl, Get Your Goddess ON!


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Walking the talk: how Goddess For Life coaching skills helped me

Proof how the Goddess For Life coach certification program helped me, personally, achieve a dream

In November 2012 my son told me he was going to England to play cricket. To become a professional cricketer was a dream he’d held since he was 12, so to see him taking this first massive step in his career was beyond exciting. Within minutes, I’d phoned my travel agent and booked my plane tickets to England for May 2013.

Well… I was tested with so many obstacles between November and May that there were times I didn’t think I’d ever get on that plane. Unexpected bills, family commitments, broken promises, work commitments and miscommunication… You name it, I faced it.   Continue reading

How to use the Goddess-ence 100% pure essential oil blends

This is my first home-made video (!!) where I chat about the Goddess-ence range of 100% pure essential oil blends for the chakras… be kind, ha ha! 😉

Ihave no idea why the book cover is a “mirror image” and there are times I am lost for words, but you’ll get the picture overall – these aromatherapy essential oil blends are incredibly accurate in pin-pointing the state of each chakra. Continue reading

If love is an ocean, let me fall in

If love is an ocean… and other love affirmations

This is the book trailer for Affirmation Goddess, Express Your Way to Happiness by Anita Revel. It includes one of my favourite cards: “If love is an ocean, let me fall in!” … and other love affirmations.

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i Goddess: a poem celebrating the elemental goddess

i goddess,
of earth, clay and stone
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Visual meditation dedicated to Kuan Yin: Om Mani Padme Hum

This visual meditation is designed to nourish your inner Kwan Yin, the Chinese goddess of compassion.  Continue reading

Dreaming and manifesting

Many of these affirmations send shivers down my spine – they are so yummy and powerful. Rather than list them, I’ve woven them into a little story…  Continue reading

The time has come to step up and shine

The time has come to step up and shine… One of my favourite quotes, which I often use to sign my book, “The Goddess DIET, See a Goddess in the Mirror in 21 Days.”  Continue reading

Taste the fear (and give it pepper!)

“Taste the fear…” and other affirmations for courage

For times when you need to put on your big girl panties and take a shot of courage… These affirmations for courage by Anita Revel (from her book and cards set, Affirmation Goddess) will certainly give you some oomph!

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