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Gratitude Ceremony: give thanks for your blessings with your community

This gratitude ceremony was written by Civil Marriage Celebrant, Anita Revel, as a guide for conducting a ceremony expressing gratitude. It is available freely for download and sharing.

You can use this ceremony to send the collective love and blessings from your community to Mother Earth, Spirit and Source, to our global tribe, and to each other.

gratitude ceremony free download and shareAlternatively, you can tailor the ceremony and state your specific purpose for the occasion –

  • to honour Mum on mother’s day / Dad on father’s day
  • to raise funds for a good cause,
  • to celebrate harvest or give “good vibes” to an upcoming growing season,
  • to help the community unite for a common goal,
  • and so on.

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What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is defined as “The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”

When we are grateful for that which we have, our heads and hearts stop focusing on things that we don’t have.

We open our hearts and become able to base our actions on grace, generosity and integrity.

We put ourselves in a better position to help others as we ourselves need help occasionally.

This ceremony will put you smack-bang in the centre of a state of gratitude. By the end of it you and your community will be ready to celebrate your good fortune and abundance of love and other resources.

Blissed be,
Anita Revel


You have permission to reproduce this ceremony in whole or in part by email forwarding, copying, fax, or any other mode of communication. You can add to it, take away from it or massage it to suit yourself exactly. Share it big time sister!


The author recommends having a bottle of the Goddess-ence 100% pure essential oil, Kwan Yin blend for the heart chakra, to assist with the opening and swelling of hearts and subsequent feelings of trust and gratitude.

Get Gratitude!

You might also like to participate in the Daily Blissings Gratitude Project – a casual group of gratitude-givers on Facebook.

About the Daily Blissings Project

The Daily Blissings Project is a personal challenge to take a photo every day of something I’m grateful for. It’s as simple and difficult as that.

Mission (Short):

To document things I’m grateful for, in words and pictures, on a daily basis.

(Longer Version):

To improve my “attitude of gratitude” I came up with the Daily Blissings project to keep me positive and happy. It worked… the secret to beating the blues lies within counting my blessings (or as I call them, “blissings”). I do this by keeping a daily gratitude blog in words and pictures.

The conscious act of taking a photo means I am actively looking for and recognising things to be grateful for — ergo, the attitude of gratitude becomes a conscious act.

This daily act of being consciously grateful has turned my life around. It has helped me trust even further that the Universe is benevolent and, in the words of my favourite astrologer and philosopher Rob Brezsny, conspiring to shower me in blessings.


Screensaver: 7 Goddess Rules

free screensaver for the career goddess

This free screensaver is yours – all you have to do is download and install to be reminded of the Goddess Rules for awesomeness.

How this screensaver helps bring magic to your day

Just like hanging an affirmation on your office wall, positive words and beautiful images help you consciously come back to centre.

When the 7 Goddess Rules gently glide across your screen, you are reminded to remain connected with your beautiful goddess-y goodness no matter what situation you’re in.

For example…. when you see the message to:

  • Be Present
    … You can get out of your worry-head and into your grounded goddess shoes. You can consciously tell yourself that “even though I’m in a tough spot now, it will be OK when I come back to a state of presence – of being here and now rather that in the sorrows of yesterday or the worries of tomorrow.”
  • Feel the flow 
    … You can remind yourself that sometimes it’s OK to lose control. You don’t have to control everything. It’s perfectly fine to step into the flow of “what will be will be” and voila, creative, emotional and abundant energy begins to flow.
  • Know Thyself
    … You an be proud of your Self and your actions in all your aspects. Feeling guilty, manipulated or unsure? No more! When you know yourself — the shadow side too — pride replaces shame, power replaces being used, and trust replaces anxiety or fear.
  • Love Fearlessly
    … You can foster mutually fulfilling relationships at all levels — at work, with friends, at home with flatmates, kids or a partner… You won’t be taken for granted because when you invest energy into a relationship with integrity, truth and respect, the love is returned with equal joy.
  • Speak Your Truth
    … You can stop worrying about asking for that pay-rise, or delivering bad news to your team… You can be confident that your truth is a beautiful thing, even if you expect it might be hard to hear. Truth sets your people (and you!) free!
  • See Beauty
    … You can see that really, “despite all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is a beautiful world.” (From the Desiderata.) You can escape the toxic-thinking loop and instead choose to see how much freedom you really have. Freedom to trust your intuition, freedom to choose simplicity, freedom to “smell the roses”, and freedom to enjoy the resulting peace of mind.
  • Understand Bliss
    … You can 0pen yourself to the little rituals and beliefs that bring you deep, relaxing, rejuvenating peace of mind (ergo peace of heart). You will be able to take five minutes (guilt-free) to meditate or nana-nap, enjoy a cup of tea, or read oracle cards… Whatever it takes to bring you into a worry-free state of pure, easy bliss.


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test: event: inner goddess code

Ever wondered what it is that’s holding your back? Or what your super-power would be if only you could identify it and unlock it?

In this full-day creative workshop with Anita Revel, we will work with the Inner Goddess Code. This code will help you will delve into your subconscious conditioning to identify your blockages.

Then, using visualisation, art, symbolism and pop psychology, you’ll discover your super powers that will help your inner goddess flourish and grow.

[EVR_SINGLE event_id=”2″]

Every participant will go home with a completed work of art. This art will be a representation of you and your inner goddess, and will contain powerful talisman to smash your old unhealthy beliefs, and symbols to foster to your ongoing growth and wellbeing.




Become a Goddess For Life certified coach and mentor. Goddess For Life coaches help women connect with their authentic source of power and wisdom - their inner goddess - and mentor them through proven systems to achieve their desired goals.

  • Level 1 Certification ...

  • Level 1 Certification ...

  • Bali: Coach Certificat...

  • Level 2 Certification




Goddess books to bring out the inner goddess in you.

Goddess books (and other themes)… Shipping is generally available from Australia although some titles can be ordered via for American clients.


This category contains many of the 18 books written by Anita Revel on various themes relating to the Inner Goddess, Personal Development, Inspiration and Marketing.

Browse her popular range, place your order(s) and/or send gifts galore!

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About Anita Revel

Anita Revel is the creator of the “Goddess For Life” coaching and mentoring program designed to help women feel empowered in alignment with their core values and dreams.

She is an Australian author and award-winning business owner who has been pioneering the Inner Goddess movement since the late 1990s. Over the past decade she has helped tens of thousands of women to gain confidence in living with authenticity, integrity and an inner goddess glow.

With a background in marketing (her clients included Toyota Motor Corporation Australia and the Health Insurance Commission), she is an accomplished certified Life Coach who holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Consumer Science), Diploma of Education (secondary), NLP Practitioner Certification – this makes her a 100% bonafide Certified Goddess!

Anita lives in the stunning Margaret River region of Western Australia. This is where she practices what she teaches, achieving balance in the Health, Heart and Hip-Pocket aspects of her life. When she’s not coaching, writing goddess books or conducting weddings, she’s fulfilling another dream and traveling the world.

Wild Woman Weekend 18-20 May 2012: The Dance of Change

This is an annual event held in Western Australia, one hour south of Perth. Anita Revel and Lucy Cavendish open and hold the space for up to 30 women to reconnect and express exactly who they are. No masks, no disguises. Just a return to our authentic, beautiful selves.  Continue reading

Creating My Goddess Year

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Last year hundreds of goddesses had crazy-fun plotting out their year with 2011: Creating My Goddess Year Workbook by Leonie Allan (Paperback).

Just because it has 2011 on the cover doesn't mean you can't start using it today! After all, anytime is a good time to get out of your stuckiness and conjure up new visions and plans-of-action.

The “2011: Creating My Goddess Year” Workbook, Planner and Calendar was conjured up by Leonie Allan to help you dream, create and manifest an incredible, magical year. The beautiful worksheets, power tools and bonus printable calendar guide you to set your intentions, plan and cultivate your amazing new year, and make it happen.

The 50+page workbook has a mono interior so you have lots of opportunity for colouring in!