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How to have goddess time (with your Goddess Birth Sign)

chill out and relax with your goddess birth sign

We all need a sacred space in our homes where we can “be.” A place to simply breathe, brood and let life go on around us. But perhaps more than a physical space to do this in, we need to  Continue reading

An Introduction to Goddess Birth Signs (Woman’s Day 10 Jan 2005)

goddess birth signs appeared in Woman's Day in 2005 for the first time

To shine with a goddess glow, reconnect with your archetypal goddess.

Just like astrology, goddess energy defines who you are and what your life purpose may be. In fact, before modern-day zodiac signs, your ancestors were born under the domain of the goddesses rather than the planets.  Continue reading

Goddess Workout – Harness your inner goddess to access the perfect workout for you (Sunday Times body+soul)

goddess workout according to your birth signLisa Marie Presley doesn’t do yoga – she prefers to get her exercise by biting the hell out of her fingernails. But according to Anita Ryan (now Revel), Presley would find a whole new world of soul-satisfying fitness if she were to take heed of her goddess birth sign.  Continue reading

Food Fit For a Goddess

eat food according to your goddess birth signFor some people, Christmas is the season to eat roast turkey and drink champagne. For others, it’s about enjoying an informal seafood banquet at the beach. Continue reading

Celebrity Goddesses and their Goddess Birth Sign

Christina Ricci  ::  Born 12 Feb 1980  :: Hathor

Hathor women have the gift of shape-shifting – reinventing themselves for fresh inspiration. And there is no better example of this energy manifesting itself than with Christina Ricci – she has, after all, been quoted as saying “I certainly hope I’m not still answering child-star questions by the time I reach menopause.”  Continue reading