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The importance of gathering with women

If you feel you’re only functioning from the eyebrows up, get thee to a gathering with women!

Whether it’s a goddess workshop, sacred retreat,  women’s circle or a Wild Woman Weekend, any event that connects women in a safe space is invaluable for a healthy state of being. This is by far the most beautiful way to awaken the heart, body and soul.  Continue reading

Creative Goddess Retreat with the Muses of Mnemosyne, Mother of Memory

Anita is more than happy to attend as a guest workshop presenter for writing groups and circles of women. Do book Anita to inspire your circle, or simply to run your workshop if you are already too busy organising logistics and taking bookings to run a workshop yourself!  Continue reading

Book extract: The Coven – Making Magic Together, by Fiona Horne

Goddess Gatherings

Magical gatherings don’t necessarily have to be intense Coven gatherings of Wiccan initiates to raise power. Events like Goddess Gatherings are a great way to mix socialising and magick and to let non-Wiccan friends share our enchanted lifestyles!  Continue reading