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Coping with annoyances & obstacles (and how to see them as blessings)

Over the weekend I had melted jelly (jello) poured over my laptop computer. It killed the laptop and I’m waiting to hear if any data can be rescued. If not, that’s two years of work gone, and even worse, hundreds of photos and video footage of my toddler daughter growing up. Continue reading

Stand up for yourself (with NLP)

Turn sissy to sassy! If you’re having trouble standing up for yourself, try this exercise using the New Behaviour Generator (with NLP). It will take you from being unhappy with how you handle a situation, to being able to manage it appropriately and easily. Continue reading

77 ideas for self-nurturing

The goddess Ceres teaches us the importance of self-nurturing. And so, with the help of the Monash University Counselling Service, I’m reproducing here “77 Ideas” For Nurturing the Goddess Within.  Continue reading

How to have goddess time (with your Goddess Birth Sign)

chill out and relax with your goddess birth sign

We all need a sacred space in our homes where we can “be.” A place to simply breathe, brood and let life go on around us. But perhaps more than a physical space to do this in, we need to  Continue reading

Magic happens when…

magic happens when women gatherYou’ve all seen the bumper stickers that declare “Magic Happens”… Back before I started on my spiritual quest that has become my path, I often wondered what “Magic Happens” meant.  Continue reading

What do you love about yourself?

hooray i love my selfBlodeuwedd is a Welsh goddess whose beauty is said to be skin deep.  We know that true beauty comes from within, but did you know we are also allowed to be beautiful on the outside? Be proud of your assets! Continue reading

The Diana Challenge

diana birth sign“Diana is the Roman goddess of nature, fertility, children, providence and harvest. She is often depicted with her hunting dogs, deer and an archer’s bow. If she were in your situation, she would indulge the wild child within. Without hesitation nor fear of consequences, she would honour her need for adventure and escape to the outdoors.” (Excerpt from “What Would Goddess Do? A Journal For Channelling Divine Guidance“)  Continue reading