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Kick-ass affirmations for weight-loss (& self-appreciation!)

goddess affirmation freja freya shine“Affirmations for weight-loss” is a search term that brings hundreds of women to this site every single day.

Before I share these valuable affirmations, I’d like you to know that weight-loss isn’t a stand alone issue.

A healthy body goes hand-in-hand with a healthy attitude towards your sacred self.

Boosting your sense of self-worth and self-appreciation are key contributing factors to weight-loss (or gain).  Continue reading

Daily Salutes ~ create space for a miracle

open your heart to blessingsEvery morning I wake up (thankfully!), and take a couple of minutes to do my Daily Salutes. These are quite simple, very personal and spontaneous reflections, observations and thankfulness for my blessings.  Continue reading

Wise Woman Blessing: As you walk through life…

meditation goddess blessingAs you walk through life, may you…

… look behind with fond memories and forgiveness;

… look ahead with intention and anticipation;

… look around with gratitude and awe; and

… look inwards with acceptance of your inner wow-factor.

~ Blissed be, Anita Revel (c) 2009

On gratitude: 7 ways to count your blissings!

count your blessings and blissingsOn 24 May, 2009, I took a photo of my man erecting a windsock at our farm. Although it’s grainy and over-exposed I still love it, for it means so much more beyond an image of a sweaty man battling with a steel post.  Continue reading