Cerridwen: mighty and magical can-do woman!

The dark goddess, Cerridwen, of great wisdom, prophetic foresight, and magical shape-shifting abilities lends us her relentless energy and focus required to achieve our ultimate goals. 

  • Mantra: Determination
  • Gemstones: Carnelian, coral, agate, brown jaspar, amethyst
  • Essential Oils: Goddess-ence Nuit blend for the crown chakra


  • cerridwen took 13 months to craft her magic, you can take all the time in the worldI have all the time in the world ~ from Affirmation Goddess
  • What’s next?! (Bring it on!!)
  • All in perfect time, sister, all in perfect time
  • Success comes easily to me
  • I am a mightiful and magical can-do woman
  • I am filled with energy to achieve my goals

Her Story

The Magical Welsh crone goddess Cerridwen (Ker ID wen) was a shape-shifting goddess of dark prophetic powers, enchantment and divination. Cerridwen’s cauldron (the name Cerridwen is derived from the Celtic word cerru meaning cauldron), is a powerful symbol of transforming magic, and of the lessons learned through change and experience, as well as divine creative inspiration.

She lived isolated upon an island in a lake in a place known as The Land Beneath the Waves, where she gave birth to a dark and ugly son named Morfan.

In order to give her son a birth gift of an easy life as a brilliant and inspired man, she brewed a magical potion made from herbs and waters of prophesy under carefully monitored movements of the sun, the moon and the stars in the sky over the course of 13 moons.

When a boy servant named Gwion, who was guarding the potion, accidentally sucked three drops of the potion, the knowledge of the universe was apparent to him, as were the magical powers of shape-shifting. Enraged, Cerridwen pursued Gwion, shape-shifting from one animal to another until she, (in the Welsh legend), as a hawk, finally ate him (as a grain of corn) and thereby reverting the universe’s knowledge back to herself.

The grain took seed in her womb, and nine moons later, she gave birth to the radiant child Taliesin (the greatest of all Gaelic poets). He had inherited the gift of perfect poetry that could blow the seas into a rage, heal all wounds and foretell the events of the future.

Her Modern Energy

She is the tigress mother, dark goddess, prophetic crone, who pursues her interpretation of justice with unfailing energy. If Cerridwen is speaking to you today, you should also pursue your goal with equal energy (if it’s sure it’s what you want).

If you have invested the energy in the fertilisation of the project you have been nurturing (as Cerridwen did in her magical potion), then so should you equally defend and fight for your right to see it to fruition.

Don’t expect it to happen overnight, however – there are no “magic pills” to replace dedication, endurance, and unwavering commitment to an excellent outcome.

Reconnect With Your Inner Cerridwen

A magical way to connect with Cerridwen is to carry an orange stone to help her powers become apparent in you. Become the MAGICAL being you need to be – shape-shift and adopt a totem’s magical properties in order to help you achieve your ambition.

A practical way to trigger the Cerridwen within is to map out a plan – a business plan or a plan-of-action.

List the steps you need to achieve your mission, as well as the timings and resources you have to achieve it.

It may well include the idea of “shape-shifting” from a mild-mannered yes woman, to the mightiful magical can-do Cerridwen!

what would goddess do? wwgd journal for getting answers to the question wwgdWhat Would Cerridwen Do?

The magical Cerridwen was a shape-shifting crone goddess of dark prophetic powers, enchantment and divination. If she were in your situation, she would she her project through to fruition. She would change her approach to find the path of least resistance. She may even change her appearance – whatever it takes to turn the situation to her advantage.

(Excerpt from What Would Goddess Do? A Journal For Channelling Divine Guidance)

How are you being “mighty and magical” today?

Blissed be! ❤ Anita Revel


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