Chakra Visualisation

Anita Revel’s guided chakra visualisation through the chakras features in her book, The Goddess Guide to Chakra Vitality, and also in Goddess Playshops – workshops for women’s well-being.

Listen to the visualisation to access deep feelings and knowledge within, and be open to receiving divinely channelled messages throughout this 21- minute chakra journey.

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How a chakra visualisation will benefit you

I’ve had clients tell me that even though they’ve listened to this chakra visualisation a dozen times, they get new messages and insights every single time.

They are also surprised that, in the first listen-through, they might stay in the red poppy field in the realm of the base chakra, yet at other times, all they want to do is relax in the chair amongst the sunflowers with their cheeks being kissed by the sun.

Chakra visualisation meditation

How is that each listen-through connects in different ways?


If your base chakra is out of balance (you might be at a crossroads, experiencing disharmony at home, or feeling flighty, for example), the thought of powering up with the red energy of poppies and other imagery will help you feel more settled, more confident to take “next steps”, more at home in your body, and more comfortable with putting your feet on the ground.

Likewise, if you’re feeling manipulated, or that you’re being taken for granted, you’ll find yourself really enjoying the sunflower field and other imagery associated with the solar plexus chakra.

And, so on.

As well as the imagery, you will be introduced to an ancient goddess whose energy resonates with each chakra. She will have a message or gift for you, that you are invited to accept and embrace.

Note… there is no introduction to this visualisation, so do get relaxed, and steady your breathing before pressing Play.

Prepare to enjoy yourself though this meditation. You’ll be:

  • Stomping with Kali,
  • Shimmying with Ishtar,
  • “Coming home” to yourself with Persephone,
  • Feeling loved with Kwan Yin,
  • Revealing your true essence with Athena,
  • Seeing beauty and truth with Isis,
  • Taking a cosmic journey with Nuit.

In all cases, no matter what you hear or what you return with, you will feel a noticeable difference in your chakras — where previously you were blocked (unable to see a way forward), you will now see choices. You will feel more confidence to take action. And, you will experience more clarity, comfort and peace.