Daily Salutes ~ create space for a miracle

open your heart to blessingsEvery morning I wake up (thankfully!), and take a couple of minutes to do my Daily Salutes. These are quite simple, very personal and spontaneous reflections, observations and thankfulness for my blessings. 

I might take a half-minute to bow to each of the directions. It could be a simple act of closing my eyes and saying, “Thank you” to Spirit. Or I might take longer and visualise white, miraculous and healing light wash all over me. It depends — every day and every salute is different (which is one reason I don’t call it a daily “ritual” — calling it a ritual would imply I practice consistency or a structured procedure).

Whatever I do, it is usually based on a conscious promise to my Self that I am honoring and adoring my im/perfections and choices. And it is always free-flowing, easy and as simple or complex as I need it to be. I think of it as a quick “oil and lube” for my mind and attitude to realign it with Spirit.

Sometimes I wake up with a foggy head or hay fever. It happens. Nothing I can do about it but accept that it’s part of who I am. On these days, I repeat a creed that I have printed and taped to my bathroom mirror — repeating something by rote is part of being gentle with myself when I need nurturing.

I connect now to my great earth mother,
to friends, family and support for each other;
I send love to my divine self,
I am creative, abundant and full of health;
Power up, oh magnificent me,
I am brave, honest and love to be free;
Love and joy to my compassionate self,
As I give I receive boundless love and help;
My truth flows through my words,
I speak with diplomacy, courage and I am heard;
I recognize and trust my gift of insight,
It tells me true and leads me right;
Here’s to love, joy and oneness with all,
My connection with Spirit is all powerful.

Creating space for Daily Salutes creates space for miracles

The “i Goddess” poem poured out of me one Monday morning after I’d stepped into my Daily Salute space. I spontaneously began speaking to Spirit with, “I, goddess … .” I didn’t know what I was going to say next, or why I even began with that, but I did know that if I just trusted that goddess was ready to speak to me, she would.

On this particular day, I realised that goddess is always ready to speak — indeed, it is I who must be prepared to listen!

And so, as I began with “I, Goddess” and opened myself to listening, my senses became super-tuned to the elements that surrounded me to my north, south, east, west, above, below and within (but mainly in my backyard). Suddenly goddess presented herself through things that are right in front of me every time I look out of my bathroom window.

She revealed herself as the timeless tree in my yard in the element of earth; as dew on the grass in the element of water; as the rising sun in the element of fire; as the breeze playing in the leaves in the element of air; as the singing of the birds in the element of sound; as the absence of clutter in the element of light; and as the cosmic mystery that remains constant and eternal, even if we can only see stars at night and the sun during the day.

The resulting poem and subsequent two-minute movie are testament to the impact of what goddess gifted me that morning.

That, and the serendipitous connection to two talented sisters based in Perth — Belynda and Helen are Sybling Harmony and provided the heart-melting backing track to the movie.

To think, I searched the world for the perfect music to complement this poem, and I found it in the next suburb! Ahhh, see what happens when you look for “goddess” in your backyard?!

And now it’s your turn sisters… what rituals or salutes do you start each day with?

~ Anita Revel

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