Dear Goddess: community support circle

pray for group healing, support group to those that need healingThis is a virtual support circle for all goddess sisters.

Prayers for strength, healing and unconditional love gain momentum when spoken and shared by many, so here is a “Dear Goddess” portal… Lodge your request for loving support, or pledge that you will send your loving support to those who request it.

All the names on this page will be included in my daily meditation and salutes. If you are able to include those in need in your prayers also, please leave a note to share your intention. 

Another way to join the virtual support circle…

Simply log-in to add your comment below!

Why this support circle is so awesome

This virtual support circle began in 2007 (as the “Love and Blissings Book”) and has since had hundreds of women asking for prayers, support, advice and healing.

In the past, comments were allowed to be made anonymously, but I found that it became too easy to “comment and run”. The purging helps of course, but so does “owning” the request and the offer.

And so, this new format Love and Blissings Book allows women to express their feelings, and provides a forum for discussion in a safe environment, amongst sisters.

Blissed Be, and shine on!
Love, Anita Revel

2 responses to “Dear Goddess: community support circle

  1. I’m starting my 2013 fitness plan today — have mercy on me!!! I’m calling on Kali to help me kick old habits to the curb, and to rebirth my vitality easily and joyfully. Sisters, if you can please vibe me with your positivity I’m eternally grateful <3

  2. Anita, sweet Anita!!! Your message came from out of the blue (just like all the good ones do!) and I just want to say I feel your pain of starting all over again in the fitness realm. I have been starting and restarting (repeat like a gajillion times) and am now looking at the end of the year coming up and no positive changes to be found 🙁
    My friend, I will be sending you loving support and strength ~*~
    If you or any other lovely could help me out with some extra strength to finally beat my inner demons, I would truly be grateful.
    Hugs ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

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