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How does a woman reconnect with her inner goddess? One easy way is to acquaint yourself with the seven basic Goddess Rules, and adopt them as your “rules of engagement” in everyday life.

We explore these Goddess Rules in practical, gentle and imaginative ways in the Inner Goddess Manifesto by Anita Revel.

Table of Contents:
Steps to Self-Knowledge, Acceptance and Love

What is the Inner Goddess?.......................................5
Knowing yourself on all levels................................. 8
Seven Goddess Rules............................................... 9

1: Be Present
2: Feel the Flow
3: Know Thy Self
4: Love Fearlessly
5: Speak the Truth
6: See Beauty
7: Understand Bliss

What Will You Do Next?......................................... 53 Resources and Further Reading.............................. 55

I’ll see you in circle, sister!

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Who (or what?!) is an Inner Goddess? 

“The inner goddess is a woman’s guiding light, her sense of self, and her moral and behavioural compass. She’s the force who enables a woman to enjoy life as a confident, capable, sacred and savvy human being…”

~ Anita Revel … More –>

What are the “Rules”?

The Inner Goddess Manifesto is based on the 7 Goddess Rules… Read more about the Rules here, and take a quick quiz to find out how you’re faring in the seven essential aspects of a happy life.  More —>

How can I remember the Rules?

goddess rules

OK, I hear this question often enough that I’ve organised a lovely poster / print out for your diary / desktop image… Simply right-click to download the full-size image. (You’re welcome to share!)

The Rules are anchored in the realms of the 7 chakras.

The first rule, for example – “Be Present” is based on the base chakra’s domains of groundedness, willpower, feeling settled, being comfortable on your path, and feeling like a valued member of your community.

If you lack in any of these qualities, your mission is to gain balance in your base chakra (and related life aspects) to become more present!

You will naturally feel more present when you can get out of your rut, get un-stuck from unhealthy habits, stop feeling flighty, and stop feeling isolated.

Read the Inner Goddess Manifesto for tips on how to power up your chakras in each life aspect…

Further Reading… Princess For a Day, Goddess For Life

guide for bride, shine on your wedding day and forever after

The Goddess Rules are explored in more depth in this guide for nurturing the inner goddess throughout the longest relationship you’re likely to have with another person – your spouse.

For example, Rule # 7 is to “Understand Bliss”…

This excerpt describe how this rule relates to real life.

 Any new wife will tell you of the difficulty she had sleeping in the lead up to her big day. Endless checklists tend to run through the bride-to-be’s head, as do seating plans, last-minute  tasks, and minor adjustments to the day’s agenda.

Being able to sleep soundly – without the “late for the Church” type dreams – is a quality housed in the crown chakra. The crown chakra is the energy centre of bliss, of being connected to your faith and of feeling peace within. Considering it’s located at the top of the head, it is no wonder sleep eludes the bride who lets the endless checklist clog her thoughts!

And, Rule #6 is to “See Beauty”. Here is another excerpt that applies this rule to a real life situation…

These are helpful skill to have, for example, when the mother-in-law wants to “help” with the wedding planning. (Remember, this is an example – in my experience mothers-in-law are beautiful people! Lord knows, I hope to become one myself one day!)

Seeing her efforts as “beautiful” (rather than annoying) helps you become calmer about the whole situation.

So what if she double-booked the hairdresser or mixed up the flower orders? These problems are fixable. A soured relationship built on toxicity is not so easy.

Having an attitude of “beauty” lets your thoughts be those of compassion, generosity, grace, gratitude and calm. It also lets you be aware of the many small miracles that happen around you every day.

I think photographers are particularly cluey on seeing beauty. Russell Ord, a brilliant photographer I’ve worked with on several weddings, once brought a couple to our Margaret River property for a shoot. I was gob-smacked at the results.

The old dairy, rusting happily since the 1950s, became a stunning juxtapose to the pristine couple holding each other tenderly. The dead tree on the back block became a dramatic silhouette behind the couple kissing at sunset. And the paddock overgrown with wild oats became a romantic, whimsical setting for the couple gazing at the horizon and their future as husband and wife.

To practice seeing beauty, therefore, one way is to pull out your digital camera. Re-frame old items as new, trash as treasure, or overgrown as designer-whimsical.


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