Faerie Cara: mud-covered mischief maker, faerie-liscious magic maker

fairy faery activist caraFaerie greetings and merry meetings from Faerie Cara, a faerie activist, environmental spokesperson, author, international entertainer, vegan, storyteller and devoted tree hugger. 


Once upon a time

I was never a ‘fairytale princess’ as a younger girl. I was the mud covered mischief maker hanging upside down from a tree, nursing baby birds that had fallen from their nests, and wrestling the neighbourhood boys if they said I was weak because I was a girl. I remember being kept awake with strange voices, noises and constant shuffling in my room at night time. When I talked about this to my family they smiled and said I had a wonderful imagination. By an early age I had learnt to not share my vision, and soon began to fear the dark and the kafuffle that came with it.

At the age of thirteen I was asked to perform as a faerie with a local Perth entertainer. My parents had named me Cara, meaning ‘friend’ in Irish Gaelic, when I started working I was officially titled Faerie Cara. I had no idea at that stage that my destiny was unfolding brilliantly before my eyes.

A good faerie tale has many twists

In contrast to my parent friendly lifestyle, at the same tender age of thirteen I discovered my love for escapism. I was a great actress, being able to pass through school, dance competitively and work hard as a performer. I was also taking drugs daily, drinking alcohol and soon became immersed in a lifestyle that dwelled deep into the dark realms. I spent seven years in what now seems a tornado of chaos. It is not the substance abuse that stays with you, it is the visions of friends in torment, my body riddled with pain, losing my period, rape and sexual abuse, fear for living much longer and a need to delve harder into drugs to escape it all.

I decided to take charge of the plot

One day something changed, I realised I had to be my own knight in shining armour. I left Melbourne, all mind-altering substances and starting a new journey to discover myself once again. I am forever grateful for the experiences I had gone through. They gave me valuable lessons that make up my structural integrity. They also brought alive my warrior spirit once again, now I wanted to find who I truly was with all the fervour I could muster.

I found my way to Ireland where I spent over two years walking town to town talking to old storytellers and learning the ancient tales that once kept my foremothers captivated. I discovered I had come from a long line of storytellers who believed strongly in the Irish language, the tradition of storytelling and the need to pass it on to the next generation, word by word in a spoken tale. Here, the faeries revealed themselves to me once again. I sat in sacred dwellings and nestled into trees to hear their tales too. My place of magic was awoken and stronger than ever before.

Dedicated to faerie

With my newly released magic quickly unravelling my wings I moved back to Perth, Australia, where I started my own faerie business. I wanted to bring a place of pure happiness into children’s lives. I know they will also be faced with challenges but if they can reference to a moment of magic, perhaps they will find that place of light to make them fight for their own magic.

I dedicated myself to bringing faerie folklore alive again, to using my faerie status to promote environmental awareness and to show women it’s ok to be a faerie, no matter how old you think you are. My movement ‘Save the Faeries’ is to bring peoples awareness to the voices in nature, to make conscious choices for the wellbeing of themselves, the community and the planet.

One day I sat down and started to write, the voices of folklore and my own valuable lessons of faerie discovery gently unfolding before me. This year I released my guide to faerie conscious living at the first Save the Faeries Festival. I now work internationally as a faerie at festivals, do children’s parties, teach and perform bellydance, run faerie workshops, facilitate a women’s circle, talk faerie to adults through meetings and my book, have a segment called talking green on the television program The Couch showed on Foxtel and Aurora, and in my spare time when I’m not planning a new wave of faerie mischief, I play with my chicken and my dog while listening carefully to the environment around me.

Happily Ever After

My happily ever after is right now. Everyday I am grateful for this tale I am in. I cherish my family, adore my friends, believe every moment is a moment worth celebrating and I am determined to live magically.

I surrendered to the faeries, vowing to swim with the mermaids on the oceanic tides to the many ancient dwellings across the globe, to dance like wild fire set free from all physical constraints, to blow hard with the winds of change and to listen with stillness to the wisdom of Mother Earth.

I believe there is a faerie within everything of nature. That means there is a faerie goddess in me, and that means there is a faerie goddess in you. If I work hard at revealing my faerie to the world, perhaps more faeries will have the courage to flash their wings too.

With love and dancing light

Faerie Cara

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