Fiona Horne: rock star and screen goddess in a patriarchal world

fiona horne and anita revel at one enchanted eveningAussie Goddess Fiona Horne explains how a rock star and screen goddess stays empowered in a patriarchal world… 

Fiona Horne is a best selling author on Witchcraft, actor, TV/radio host and ex-rock goddess of ’90s Aussie band, Def FX. Now based in America you can find out about her books, TV shows and films and everything else that she is up to by visiting

Image: Fiona Horne and Anita Revel share a giggle at the ‘One Enchanted Evening’ opening night, 21 July 2005. 


It is such an honour to be this month’s Aussie Goddess!

Ever since I was a little girl I have always been fascinated by nature and the beauty and magic that can be experienced by immersing yourself in it. And this is why being a pagan and ultimately a practicing a Witch is so rewarding to me – spiritually, physically, emotionally and intellectually. Witches honour nature (Mother Earth!) as sacred and empowered – this belief forms the cornerstone of our practices and holds all our efforts together, whether they be to do with spell casting, ritual or just every day living.

I consider myself a feminist and that means celebrating my femininity in all its manifestations – wild, free, powerful, soft, gentle, nurturing – it is a great gift and privilege to be alive in this extraordinary world and even more so to be alive in it as a woman – a living Goddess, as each one of us is.

I celebrate my inner Goddess through the ritual practices of my Witchcraft – as much as the God essence is a potent source of inspiration I always align myself consciously with the omnipresent Goddess force and never feel that I am secondary to men in this patriarchal society, but rather different and empowered by this fact.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: The Coven – Making Magick Together

I offer you, my fellow Goddesses, one of my favourite chapters from my recent Australian release, The Coven – Making Magick Together. The chapter is ‘Goddess Gatherings’ which I regularly hold and I hope you may be inspired to do the same. The more time we spend communing with our fellow Goddesses in sacred space and activities, the happier and stronger we are as individual Goddesses.

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