Girl Get Your Goddess ON!

“Girl, get your goddess ON!” ~ a theme song for goddess gals!

theme song for goddess gals based on girl put your records onWherein, an Australian diva sings a cover which turns out to be a fabulous theme song for goddess gals…

Girl, Get Your Goddess ON!


As a fan of supporting women live their dreams, I was rapt when my favourite up-and-coming superstar voice — Prita — was given the opportunity to audition for a major TV show with it. I didn’t hesitate to pledge my support via her crowd-funding campaign, and in return, this is what she did for me…

She sang me a cover of Corrine Bailey Rae’s “Girl Put Your Records On“, and it must be said, the resulting song is FABULOUS.

Post note: And OK OK, thanks for the requests, here is the CHORUS!

Girl, get your goddess on,
Shine your light all day long.
You go ahead, be fabulous!
Permission granted,
Go get your dreams,
Just go ahead, be fabulous.

So listen up,
sing along, and
permission granted
be fabulous!

Three ways you can be fabulous…

 1. get out of your own way

(The name of another song by Prita, incidentally)… This tip is simple.

Basically, ask yourself one question…

Who are you to think you’re anything BUT gorgeous, sassy, sacred and important?

Of course you’re fabulous! Give yourself permission to be so!

You were born miraculous, you have grown into a unique person with unique gifts to offer, and if you just give the inner saboteur / worrier / self-critic (you know who I’m talking about) a rest…

Babe, what’s left is nuttin’ but yo’ shining LIGHT yo!*

So go ahead, get your goddess on, shine your light, all day long!

2. Walk With Beauty

Lord Byron once wrote…

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes;
Thus mellowed to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

Source: She Walks in Beauty

Walking with poise — with your chin up, shoulders back, with intention (metaphysically too!), and a Mona Lisa smile on your face — is a massive magnet to good fortune.

When you attract good fortune, it is easy to be fabulous.

I mean, when everything is going your way, it’s easy to smile, walk with a spring in your step, look upwards and onwards, and be an inspiration to those who follow. (Or at least have a rubber neck!)

Furthermore, fabulous begets fabulous.

When you share your smile, (ergo your radiating light), you brighten someone else’s day.

You smile, they smile, WE ALL SMILE.
And when WE ALL smile at YOU, it’s a sign
of your fabulous-ness!!

3. Assume Correctly!

be fabulous be awesome be goddess

See above? I shared it on my Facebook page: Goddess For Life.

So pretty, liked a lot, shared a lot… and you know why?

Because this girl is assuming correctly!

She is assuming the positive.

The affirmative.

The validating thoughts about herself.

That is why she is fabulous!

‘Nuff said.

Full stop.

You. Have. Permission. To. Be. Feckin’. Fabulous.

Now go!

Shine on and be fabulous!

Blissed be!
Anita Revel

PS. I love you, you spunky fabulous goddess woman you!

How are YOU being fabulous today?
Shine your light on us baby!


* Yes, I have possibly been watching too much Breaking Bad. Yo. I can’t help it if I’m fabulous!

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