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Need clarity? Confidence? Direction? … Get massive results with a Certified Women’s Mentor (aka Life Coach) for a fraction of the cost

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Welcome, goddess sister. It is no accident you are here…

Perhaps you are searching for more meaning in your life; for clarity on a certain issue; that you want off the treadmill; that life feels random and you’re being tossed in its sails; that other women have all the luck but you’ve been left behind; for assurance that it’s OK to want more, to be more than you are

Relax… it’s not unusual to feel this way – for now, at least.

These feelings are simply a nudge from your Inner Goddess that you deserve more, that you can achieve more, and that you can be more.

In fact, you can be the goddess that you were born to be, with just a little guidance by someone who has travelled the path before…

I know it’s presumptuous to think that anyone would care about my past, so skip this bit if you don’t want to know my journey to this  point, and.. Resume the story here!

In my early twenties I was made a single mum to my baby boy. Discovering my then husband’s long-time affair was the lowest point in my life, but deep down I knew that it wasn’t all his fault.

I knew that if I were more confident in myself rather than needy; more trusting of my own wisdom rather than a nail-biting nervous wreck dependent on others; that if I were sexier rather than ashamed of my body; that if I were more patient rather than a nag; then I would have been a more attractive person and he would have stayed.

(Because back then I thought I needed a man to complete me. How little I knew!)

The story resumes here…

It took me 10 years of disastrous relationships, low-paying jobs, body abuse and a crippling sense of isolation to get where I am today:

A self-confident, breezy and artistic woman living in the land of my heart’s desire.

I get to play on my terms, travel when and where 
I want, challenge my left brain, explore with my right brain, open my heart, and get to go home to a loving man and amazing four-year-daughter.

I don’t make a million dollars, but holy freak-out, I am happy!

So congratulations for acknowledging your feelings, for beginning your search for fulfilment, and for being willing to step into your goddess Self. And whether you know it or not, a certified Goddess For Life Coach is just what you need to take the next step forward.

A Goddess For Life mentor will help you wake up from old conditioning, become aware of old patterns and blocks and kick deep-seated fears to the kerb.

Together you will work through tried-and-true processes to get you un-stuck.

And, your mentor will give you tools to help you move onwards and upwards like the goddess you were born to be.

Whatever your reason for finding someone who has your back, (called Life Coaching in the mainstream), my Goddess For Life mentoring programs will open you to more possibilities and answers than you knew there were questions!

What is a Goddess For Life Mentor?

Mentoring is a professional relationship between a “life coach” and a client or group of clients. Our job is to assist our clients through structured and professional procedures to achieve desired goals or outcomes.

Mentors are allies. We maintain clarity, objectivity and accountability to help you get from Point A (where you are now) to Point B (where you want to be).

How is a Goddess For Life mentor different to a regular life coach?

Goddess For Life mentors are no different to a regular life coach. What makes us different is that we foster the connection with the inner goddess, and may use tools that are not normally seen in a life coaching session.

What programs do you offer?

One-on-one Coaching When you need objectivity, support, a sounding board and ally, a Goddess For Life mentor is your answer. Book one 45-minute session, or a block of 8 and get 2 free!

Sacred & Savvy Goddess” is a series of three workshops focusing on three key life aspects: Health, Heart and Hip-Pocket. Being a group program, you can get mentoring for a fraction of the cost, and build a sisterhood network while you’re at it.

One Hit Wonder” is a one-off session with your mentor to answer a singular, burning question.

Build a Bridge and Get Over It” is a seven-part series of coaching to help you get totally un-stuck from old influences, and get to the other side of the chasm in one, glorious, successful step.

More programs are coming on board in 2013, so stay in touch to learn more.


"Goddess For Life" coaching services range from a one-hour "One Hit Wonder" session on Skype, to a deeper seven-part series of one-on-one coaching sessions designed to help you "Build a Bridge and Fly Over It."

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