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Every month, over 25,000 women visit this space, and more than 10,000 have signed up to the regular newsletters. I receive so many responses to the newsletters – (that the timing couldn’t have been more perfect; that the goddess message was so right it’s not funny; that the stories evoked happiness, or such pain that it provoked them into healing action; and so on) – I don’t have room to put all the feedback online!

Goddess TV

The time has come to step up and shine, quote by Anita RevelWhether 30-seconds long or several minutes long, you’ll find something in this range of video clips that is inspirational, educational and share-worthy!

Media Appearances by Anita Revel

which greek goddess are you quiz

Anita has been featured in many magazines around the world including New Idea, Woman’s Day, That’s Life, Good Health Magazine, Flourish, Spheres (cover girl issue 16!!) and Soul Spirit. She has also appeared in the Sunday Times, in the body+soul liftout, the West Australian, Living Now and Nova, guest presented on various radio shows, and appeared on tv as guest talent.

Quizzes, Questionnaires and Quirkies

goddess quizzes and funShuffle the virtual Affirmation Goddess and/or the Zen Oracle pack of cards and pick three. You can print the one that resonates with you the most (or the one you need to work on the most!).

Or, take a “What Goddess Am I?” quiz to find your most prominent Archetype, your Greek Goddess patroness, or what kind of goddess you are at work. Have fun!


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