Goddess Guide to Chakra Vitality

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The Goddess Guide to Chakra Vitalitycontains many easy and fun ways to sass up your chakras – the energy centres that rule every aspect of your life.

This attractive A5-sized guide introduces empowerment tools such as sound, elements, symbols, colours, flowers, gemstones, essential oils, movement, visualisations, affirmations and goddess messages to help bring balance and spark back into your life. 

Creatrix of the 7-Day Chakra Workout, Anita Revel introduces ways you can:

  • create balance in all seven essential aspects of life;
  • recognise which archetypal goddess energy is influencing your choices and behaviour; and
  • model yourself on the archetypal role models that will see you shine your way to success.

Be guided by your intuition and open yourself to the insights offered by any one of the 49 ancient goddesses in this book. Use the advice to live fully, purposefully and with a gorgeous goddess glow.

Also available from the following retailers and channels:

  1. Goddess Playshop Facilitators
  2. As an optional extra in the "Goddess Library set"
  3. Brumby Books (Australia)
  4. Amazon (USA)


Dear Anita, I received a copy of your book this week. I am writing to say thank you for such an inspiration. I don't know were to begin so I just will.

The visualizations in the meditation are beautiful and have stayed with me, especially when a dragonfly passed me in the garden today. Also, writing down the 5 most important elements I want people to remember me by was an interesting exercise. It just made me define who I am.

Anita, thanks again for your wonderful book. Love and Magic, Carmel.

Another review...

I have read several books on the chakras (including Myss' "Anatomy of the Spirit"). I don't consider myself any kind of an authority, though. To the contrary, I very much think of myself as a beginner –and from this stand point, I must say this is one of the best explanations I have yet to read on the subject.

The writing is clear, concise, and easily understood. The contributing energies from color, aroma, gemstone et al. were very helpful. I was especially impressed with the mediations (which I've never seen before) and the Goddess correspondences.

Many congratulations on this work. I think it's great! animatqua

Dedicated to...

At the 2010 Wild Woman Weekend I sat down on a rock by the Serpentine Falls. As the sun warmed my back and the sound of women laughing drifted into my soul, I was inspired to right a letter from my Wild Woman Within to my Self.

The resulting stream-of-consciousness ended up as an inscription in my ever-popular book The Goddess Guide to Chakra Vitality. Here is the inscription, dedicated to you, beautiful goddess.

This book is dedicated to you and your inner goddess... She of a thousand colours, limitless hues, tasty tones and shades of bliss. She of ragged starbursts, spontaneous snoozes, guerilla acts of altruism, and wild yearnings for mother earth love.

I intend for you uninhibited happiness, good health and giggles, sufficient warmth, and an unbreakable connection with the mother matrix. May you radiate your light for happily ever after.

Love and blissings,
Anita xx

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