Goddess Makeover: A Home-Study Course in Personal Values, Self-Actualisation & Divine Revellion (Ama

This course is delivered as a paperback book and can be completed at home at your own pace. It delves into personal values and exploration of your inner goddess at a deeper level than the Values & Virtues course. Homework and further research is required by you, and discussion with other course participants is encouraged. Assessment is available, but is optional. 

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In this seven-part Goddess Makeover home-study course you will:

* Create a Values Totem that will reconnect you with your own personal values system;
* Take a "Goddess Rules" test before and after the e-Course to measure your progress;
* Share and connect with other spirited women in the virtual classroom

Why Personal Values are so important

Values are beliefs about what is good, right, and appropriate and, as such guide our behaviour, attitudes and choices. We learn them from our parents, teachers, leaders, friends and society at large. They're important because they help us make good decisions, take committed action, and be a part of a harmonious and functional society.

There are four kinds of values that affect us and guide us every day: personal, social, corporate and cultural.

Personal values define who we are, how we behave and how we let other people treat us. The values we hold dear to our heart form the basis of our boundaries, morality and self-esteem. They help us build better relationships and become upstanding members of the community.

We will be looking at all types of values throughout this home-study course, but ultimately they all become personal when you consciously select your own set of values to live by. To cement and validate your selection, you will create a Values Totem to represent your choices and resolve.

The Goddess Makeover home-study course will enable you to take part in an evergrowing, ever-deepening respect for your authentic Self – your inner goddess.  It is perfect for every woman seeking to live more consciously within her Self, her soul and her community.

Join the author, Anita Revel, on this journey through the seven rules of a self-actualised goddess. You will have the freedom to create your own Values Totem, and in the process, reveal your personal values system that define your goddess within. Enjoy life on your terms, experience divine revellion and realise that which brings you alive!

The Goddess Makeover e-Course is delivered in 7 parts so you can pace yourself. For each unit, all you need to do is:

* Read/record/listen to the 7 guided visualisations,
* Record your experiences in your journal and let them manifest in any art form, and
* Create a new, very intentional, inspired and meaningful path back to *you*.

What you will need to complete the Home-Study Course:

* A journal, notepad or blog
* Art materials of your choosing
* A media player on your computer
* A smile and an open heart

There is an assessment component included which is purely optional. All graduates of the e-Course receive "Arrival" gifts including a "Certified Goddess" certificate of achievement.

You will also receive the satisfaction of having created a Sacred Values Totem to help guide your decisions and actions for the rest of your life.

Join the author, Anita Revel, on this journey to unlocking your personal values system that will see you become a self-actualised goddess.


This book had visualizations that were easy to follow and semi-repetitive, yet I always got a new idea everytime I visualized a new visualization. This book was engrossing once I got past the first five pages and delved into the exercises. The 7 values depicted for each chakra--total values 49--were intriguing and fun and deep: the definitions were deeper still. You didn't even have to use those values to choose from as your makeover list. You could use the visualizations to come up with an original and even more intriguing value, or just use your knowledge or beliefs or reading comprehension to come up with your own values--one for each chakra. I had a difficult time picking just one for each, and I haven't finished all the chakras yet because I had to get back to the real world and tackle responsibilities. This book may not be the best for someone who's busy, but if you're on vacation it's perfect. The first five or so pages said stuff I didn't agree with and also some cliches, and did not sound spiritual but very secular. But once you give the book a chance, the non-spiritual and at times New Age-y essence of the book becomes mixed in with originality and depth. I'm still not sure if the book could be labeled spiritual, but I liked it anyway. For some reason the book wanted the reader to choose seven guiding values for your life. I'm not sure how to apply that to my life yet...However, there is an online Goddess Makeover e-course to use to find all that out. Some of my favorite values were in the root, sacral, navel, and heart chakras, such as Confidence, Sexuality, Nourishment, Humanity, Community, etc. ~ "mgbookworm"

"Wow, who knew choosing a set of personal values could be so powerful? Within days of creating my own values totem I felt like I was getting 1000 times more respect from my boss and work colleagues - probably because now they know where my "line" is. " ~ Tara Dean

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