Nike: Just BE It!

Often portrayed in classical art as riding a chariot and wearing a crown of laurel leaves, Nike is the Greek goddess of victory.

  • Mantra: Victory
  • Gemstones:  Tiger eye (for drive) and Rose quartz (for keeping compassionate during the process).
  • Essential Oils: Goddess-ence PERSEPHONE* 100% pure essential oil  blend for the solar plexus chakra


Her Story

As a decisive, swift and playful goddess, Nike came to represent Victory when she rode her chariot into battle against the Titans. The Olympians were enamoured of mortals, and so Nike became a mediator between the gods and mortals.

Mortals in turn honoured Nike not just for physical victories (winning a running race, for example), but also in achieving other victories — political debates, border conflicts, or battles in war. As such, in art she was often depicted wearing golden sandals (for speed), carrying a palm branch (for peace), and holding a laurel wreath as though ready to crown a victor.

Her Modern Energy

Occasionally she is depicted crouching over her defeated enemy. As modern goddesses, we’re not interested in seeing others “beaten” in order for ourselves to rise. Rather, we pit ourselves against our own challenges, and consider ourselves victorious when we can stand in our power, with integrity intact.

“Victory” to the modern goddess, then, can mean:

  • Forgiving the past, to the point where “remembering” no longer hurts;
  • Beating the energy blockers — the bullies, the parasites, the clingers and the needy;
  • Overcoming obstacles — negative thoughts and people, the “can’t-do” crowd, the tall-poppy slayers, small thinkers, the jealous-of-your success ones.

You know you’ve made it when a sports company names itself after you… Right? Who can blame the marketing execs for being inspired by a fit young woman with strong wings (making her a swift flyer), who could run fast and handle a chariot with aplomb?

Whereas the sports company is all about just “doing” it, however, Goddess Nike supports you in going one step further: Just BE It.

Just BE:

  • a bigger, deeper, better version of the “doing” Self;
  • the beautiful, sacred and sassy woman you were born to be;
  • the authentic Self you wish to share with the world;
  • the strong lioness and fearless tigress mother;
  • the soft and warm nurturer care-giver and -givee;
  • the outspoken one, the wild one, the one that has no fucks left to give*;
  • the quiet one, the funny one, the introvert, the extrovert;
  • the go-to gal for support;
  • the infamous achiever;
  • the steadfast head-down-bum-up girl who gets things done;
  • the “ME” you wanna “BE”!

Reconnect With Your Inner Nike

Think about something you want to conquer. A glass ceiling at work? A problem-child at home? Lack of a social life? Persistent weight problems?

Combat the problem with a PLAN!

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Call on your Inner Nike to give you the strength, the grace and the fortitude to see a PLAN through to fruition. Personally I do this by imagining her wings on my back, helping me fly higher, to leap over obstacles and bounce beyond the traditional blockages.

What Would Nike Do?

… If she were in your situation she would just be it!

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She would not give a f*** about the nay-sayers and nit-pickers who are jealous of her success.

“Watch me win!” she would say, as she surges ahead with her action plan, perfectly developed in alignment with her authentic Self.

(Not included in What Would Goddess Do? by Anita Revel, but this is what I would have included had I written about Nike back then!)

How are you being victorious today?

Blissed be! ❤ Anita Revel

* “Look At All The Fucks I Give” is a catchphrase used in social media to show how little one cares about what someone else is talking about.

In the case of Goddess Nike, it’s a phrase she uses to dismiss any negative comments or attitudes, whether perceived or real, that would otherwise stop her from achieving her goals.

Wanna good laugh? Read this collection of “Fucks that I don’t give“… Sure, it’s a crass-sounding phrase, but hey, if you want victory, you’re just gonna have to grab the authentic inner goddess by the horns and do what is right for you…

If you like it, use it!
If you don’t, then don’t!

my last fuck has gone by goddess nike

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