Goddess Rules – what they are, and a quick quiz

The inner goddess is a woman’s guiding light, her sense of self, and her moral and behavioural compass. She’s the force who enables a woman to enjoy life as a confident, capable, sacred and savvy human being…

How does a woman reconnect with her inner goddess? One easy way is to acquaint yourself with the seven basic Goddess Rules, and adopt them as your “rules of engagement” in everyday life.

The Goddess Rules

  1. Be Present
    Celebrate your physical body and your connection to Earth, family and humanity
  2. Feel the flow 
    Become comfortable with infinite abundance, emotional flow and creative freedom
  3. Know Thyself
    Be proud of your Self and your actions in all your aspects
  4. Love Fearlessly
    Foster mutually fulfilling relationships at all levels
  5. Speak Your Truth
    Be heard by speaking with authenticity and diplomacy, and share your learnings with grace
  6. See Beauty
    Clearly know what is right for you, and act in honour of your innate wisdom and intuition
  7. Understand Bliss
    Open yourself to joy; revel in your divine purpose/work with gratitude, dignity and generosity

How does a modern goddess use these Rules?

When you think of the words, Be Present, you can get out of your worry-head and into your grounded goddess shoes. You can consciously tell yourself that “even though I’m in a tough spot now, it will be OK when I come back to a state of presence – of being here and now rather that in the sorrows of yesterday or the worries of tomorrow.”  More —>

Quick Quiz: Where are you at with the Goddess Rules?

Think about each of these seven goddess rules, below. Give yourself a score out of 10 for each one, as it applies to you, right here, right now.

If you disagree with a statement, give it a score of 1. If you feel very content with a statement and that it applies to you fully, give it a score of 10.

Ready? Here we go…


I am someone who…

… celebrates her physical body and her connection to Earth,family and humanity

… is comfortable with infinite abundance, emotional flow and creative freedom

… is proud of her Self and her actions in all her aspects – light and shadow, public and private

… fosters mutually fulfilling relationships at all levels – professional, personal, intimate, familial

… speaks her truth with diplomacy, shares her learnings with grace, and facilitates healing without fear nor favour

… clearly knows what is right for her,and acts in honour of her innate wisdom and intuition

… revels in her divine purpose and work, with gratitude, dignity and joy


Add up your total and find your score out of 70 and write down your score. Read more about your score, below.

0 – 7: If there is nothing working for you in your life, are you ready for not just a makeover, but a complete overhaul? Clear your diary and contact me about a “Goddess For Life” coaching program – the next seven weeks will be quite the journey for you… I intend for you magic and peace as you begin this journey.

8 – 35: It seems you are using less than half of your potential. There are some major aspects of your life that need healing, issues that need resolving and general yuckiness that needs clearing. We’ve got some work to do, but it’s doable.

36 – 62: Life’s got its little bug-bears but it’s generally good. Nevertheless, there’s something blocking you from living at full-tilt. Your journey will be awesome if you identify this blockage from the start and align your intention to resolving it. If you’re not clear what the blockage is, open yourself to receiving insights to clarify it for you.

63 – 70: Woooo hoooooo! You are standing in your power as a self-actualised goddess. Be proud of yourself and your achievements! Have fun on the next part of your journey because goddess knows, you’re already rockin’ it babe! Congratulations on being such an inspirational BOTIBOTO (beautiful on the inside, beautiful on the outside).

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