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goddess workout according to your birth signLisa Marie Presley doesn’t do yoga – she prefers to get her exercise by biting the hell out of her fingernails. But according to Anita Ryan (now Revel), Presley would find a whole new world of soul-satisfying fitness if she were to take heed of her goddess birth sign. 

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Lisa Marie Presley doesn’t do yoga – she prefers to get her exercise by biting the hell out of her fingernails. But according to the author of iGoddess.com, Lisa Marie would find a whole new world of soul-satisfying fitness if she were to take heed of her goddess birth sign.

“Lisa Marie was born under the sign of Hathor, mother of gypsies and patron of dancers,” says Anita Revel, creatrix of the ‘goddess fitness plan’.

“Hathor is wild and free and able to flaunt traditional rules. In doing so she can transform herself from a woman crippled with anxiety to a wondrous being of love and light.”

As such, the daughter of Elvis Presley is best suited to avant-garde exercise regimes and unique sports to keep her motivated and interested.

“The answer to which exercise you are born to love is in your goddess birth sign,” explains Anita. “Once you understand which goddess energy is resonating strongest in you, you can then enhance these strengths to achieve the ultimate balance in spiritual and physical fitness.”

Goddess birth signs are similar to astrology in that they define who you are and what your life purpose may be.

“Depending on when you were born, the seasons, elements and even the time of day influence your personality and your choices in life,” says Anita.

This means that anyone born in the phase of the volcano-goddess Pele, for example, will find she has lots of energy to burn.

“Madonna is obviously a Pele-girl in that she never sits still – even in her forties she maintains a punishing exercise regime to burn her excess energy.”

Everything you do, say or bite can be traced back to your goddess archetype. So empower the inner goddess with the best workout to suit you.

Your Ruling Goddess Areas of strength Ideal sports and exercise

Mar 21 –
Apr 20

Born leaders, Athena women are competitive and fiery. They like to get things done with warrior-like energy, and still end up with more to burn. Burn off steam with high cardio sports such as mountain-biking or cross-country running. Cool a fiery nature with snow sports such as skiing or snow-boarding.

Apr 21 –
May 21

Happiest in a comfortable home, Juno women need to get off the couch and head outside. Bring your playmate if that’s what is keeping you indoors. Follow your earth-element tendencies and try yoga, Qi Gong, hiking, or gardening. Rock-climbing will present a challenge, while Pilates will help keep you grounded.

May 22 –
Jun 21

Persephone girls tend to be fickle and need a lot of variety. They can spend days at a time in a dark world of introspection, but make up for it with bursts of energy and intense health kicks. When not living in the underworld, Persephone loves coming up for air – try martial arts or trampolining with lots of high kicks. Keep it balanced between high and low impact to bring harmony.

Jun 22 –
Jul 23

Diana rules over nature and freedom of spirit. She dislikes routine, preferring to hunt deer in the forest with her trusty dogs and arrows. Run through the forest and enjoy the challenge in leaping a variety of obstacles. Pick up Diana’s bow and try archery, or her sword for a bout of fencing.

Jul 24 –
Aug 23

Volcano-goddess Pele gives her girls lots of passionate energy.  As such, they love being the social butterfly and the life of the party. Fiery and proud, you love to sweat it out on a tennis court, in a basketball game or playing beach volleyball. Cool down with yoga or stretching.

Aug 24 –
Sep 23

Creatures of habit and common sense, Hestia girls like life to be organised and safe. They prefer burning the home-fires rather than their calories. Structured and choreographed classes such as aerobics and Tai Chi keep Hestia’s mind happy as well as her body. Rock-climbing also gives you the logical challenge you need.

Sep 24 –
Oct 23

Sociable and flirty, Venus women have a healthy appreciation for divine decadence, pleasure, romance and all things beautiful. Glamour sports such as skiing, gymnastics or polo are your best bet. Revel in your playful, sensual side with hot salsa or sexy pole dancing!

Oct 24 –
Nov 22

Bast girls are daring, strong, and show an abiding patience in achieving goals. Intense energy results when things do not go their way. Use the calming nature of swimming, yoga or Qi Gong to soothe the emotional stresses of daily life. Free weights or racquet-ball will help you focus on matters at hand.

Nov 23 –
Dec 21

Magical Welsh goddess of wisdom, Rhiannon gives her girls a love of adventure. They are always on the move, seeking new skills and experiences. Hop onto Rhiannon’s white mare and go horse-back riding. Any sports where you can see the horizon are also great – cross-country skiing, jogging, cycling and roller-blading.

Dec 22 –
Jan 20

Great mother Demeter is the champion of causes. Her energy inspires Demeter girls to stop at nothing to achieve their goals, even at the risk of burn-out. Concentrate on earthy pursuits to make you happy – hiking, orienteering or abseiling. Balance your energies with aqua aerobics or rowing. Know when enough is enough.

Jan 21 –
Feb 19

Hathor women don’t like things to stay the same. They have the gift of reinventing themselves to keep their interest fresh and life full of inspiration. Your natural curiosity and airy nature means you need to mix it up. You like it unique, too, so try beach volleyball, jazz ballet, VigorBoarding or mixed soccer.

Feb 20 –
Mar 20

African goddess Oshun promotes universal love and sensuality. Sadly, her water energies mean Oshun girls ebb and flow with interest in such things, including a fitness plan. With a water goddess as your ruler, go scuba-diving, wind surfing or white-water rafting. Get grounded with Pilates, or work up a sweat with martial arts to purge fluid retention.

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