How I fit back into my wedding dress in 3 easy steps

15 months ago I found myself unable to climb the stairs to my front door. My weight had steadily increased to the point where my knees could no longer carry me. Fast forward, and I’m walking-the-talk for regaining fitness and regaining my life. Further, I’m happy to share my secrets in three easy steps…  

Anita with Heston at Gourmet Escape 2013

The obligatory “Before Shot” — Anita with Heston Blumenthal at the Gourmet Escape event 2013.

It’s not that I minded my curvy shape. It was that it was limiting me in movement, making me feel weak, and leading me to early stages of diabetes.

“Enough!” I told my husband. “I know you love my bigger boobs, but that’s too bad — I’m going back to my regular size 12.”

Which meant losing a whopping 22kg.

15 months later, I’m here to tell you I’ve lost 20kg, and gained a whole new appreciation for my knees!

And for the people in my community and circle who are asking, “What’s your secret?!”, well, I’m here to tell you now…

My weight-loss / life-regain strategies in three easy steps. (Or, “How I Fit Back Into My Wedding Dress and Ran a Freakin’ Half-Marathon!”)


Step 1. Make up your mind…

Somewhere in the middle of grunting as I was heaving myself up those stairs, the stirrings of a resolution took root.

Over the past few years post-baby weight had steadily crept on — perhaps it was the farm life and having to drive (rather than walk) everywhere; perhaps it was being in my 40s and more susceptible to the “spread”; or perhaps it was living in the middle of a world-class region and the 5-star restaurants and comfortable lifestyle that comes with it?

Regardless of the reason(s) for the weight-creep, and regardless that my husband was loving my curves, the point was that I had reached a point of decision-time.

  • Choice A: Stay overweight and deal with the associated health-problems: diabetes, lethargy and crappy knees. Or,
  • Choice B: Take control, regain my health and fitness, and be a “young mum” to my 6-year-old roller-blading fairy-princess.


Choice B seemed the more attractive option. So, as simply as this:

I made up my mind to do it!

One of the tools I used to get into a “can-do” mindset was the “It is easy” strategy from The Goddess D.I.E.T. … Here is the excerpt:

Step 2: Make a Plan…

quote making goals without plans is like flying without wings

There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of advice articles for how to make a plan to meet a goal.

Different styles suit different people, so I’ll let you work out what’s gonna motivate you (and keep you on track), and instead just tell you what worked for me:

1. I set a goal:

“To fit back into my wedding dress within 18 months.”

2. I made a plan:

1. I recruited my cheer squad.

* My naturopath helped me with a nutrition and supplement plan.
* My osteopath keep my body aligned.
* My personal fitness guy gave me a three, six and 12-month training plan.
* My clients gave me the willpower to “walk-the-talk” as a Goddess For Life coach.

2. I armed myself with tools.

* I loaded my iPhone with apps such as C25K (Couch to 5K), MapMyWalk, and the ever-funny Zombies, Run!
* I wore a FitBit and took part in challenges.
* I consistently used Daily Intentional Empowerment Tools numbers 1, 3, 5, 12 and 15.
* I made the time to exercise (which meant sacrificing my weekly blog post to my goddess circle — sorry about that!)
* These blockage busters came in handy too!

3. I set myself scary deadlines that excited me a lot.

* I started walking on the beach every morning in January, increasing my distance by 100m per day. By the end of January I could shuffle a whole 500m without stopping.

* By the end of February I shuffled my first 1km without stopping.

* By July I was competing in a 5km MudFest! (Dressed as a honey badger of course, ‘coz HONEY BADGER DON’T CARE ABOUT PAIN!)

* By September I was being a Tough Mudder and crawling through mud, swimming in an ice bath, being zapped by electricity and gritting my way through 17km of wonder mud. Phwoooaaaahhhh

* By October I was fit enough to compete in my first ever running race: the Margaret River Fun Run, wherein I completed a 10km run in 1 hour 11 minutes. Stoked to finish, I tell you. Stoked.

* It made me feel so good I registered for a half-marathon in July 2015. A freakin’ HALF MARATHON, for the girl who couldn’t run a measly 10 metres before January 2014?


If I can raise $10,000 towards research into Motor Neuron Disease research, I WILL WEAR MY WEDDING DRESS IN THE HALF-MARATHON. Stat!

Hellz yeah, crazy scary and crazy exciting!

Step 3: Make it happen!

Quit the excuses! Quit the “what ifs”! Quit the doubts! Be like Goddess Nike and JUST BE IT!

Nike says to just BE:

a bigger, deeper, better version of the “doing” Self;
the beautiful, sacred and sassy woman you were born to be;
the authentic Self you wish to share with the world;
the strong lioness and fearless tigress mother;
the soft and warm nurturer care-giver and -givee;
the outspoken one, the wild one, the one that has no fucks left to give;
the quiet one, the funny one, the introvert, the extrovert;
the go-to gal for support;
the infamous achiever; the steadfast head-down-bum-up girl who gets things done;
the “ME” you wanna “BE”!

And that’s it, ladies. Three easy steps:

  1. Make up your mind,
  2. Make a plan;
  3. Make it happen.


The “After Shot”

So I showed you the obligatory “Before Shot” at the start of this post. I don’t have an “After Shot” to show you, simply because, there is only “During Shots” to show you. This isn’t a one-off lifestyle change. This is a FOR LIFE commitment to my health and my inner spark. It’s a daily journey, a daily dream-come-true, and a daily commitment to nurturing my body and soul.

What I can show you though, are some milestone photos…

Id’ love your feedback! What is your goal, and how are you making a plan?


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