How to get lucky

be blessed by angels and good luck when you know howThomas Jefferson said, “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” (See also: “Lucky Locks“) There are other factors at work that affect your luck… 

Professor Richard Wiseman, a psychologist who says looking on the bright side makes you luckier in life, came up with four principles of luck.

  1. Expect good luck
  2. Create, notice and act on opportunities
  3. Listen to gut feelings and act on hunches
  4. Turn bad luck around by imagining how it could have been worse.

No matter what your belief about luck, good luck is basically believing you’re lucky. I also like to think it’s about being nice to Tyche (pronounced tee-chee) the Greek goddess of fortune.

A bit of an idle idol, it is said she would run about juggling a ball rather than carry the Cornucopia filled with golden fruit. When she did turn her attention to the fortunes of mortals, Tyche bestowed protection, prosperity, success and good luck on those that ask for it. Or not, depending on her mood. Which would explain why the French say, “a person is unlucky who falls on his back and breaks his nose.”

As further testimony to her fickle manner and the volatility of life and luck, the first set of dice were found in Tyche’s temple.

Luck doesn’t solely belong to the realm of gambling though. Good luck is also: having good health, beautiful friends, green traffic lights, and finding a worm in your apple (instead of half a worm).

You can attract good luck simply by looking for it… When you are conscious about your luck, and grateful for your blessings, you will discover how lucky and blessed you really are. As your awareness and gratitude meter rises, you attract more corresponding luck.

You can also begin seeing opportunities to “make lemonade” when life gives you lemons, because you have a tangible understanding the good luck is real and possible.

Let’s look at the example set by founder of Virgin Air, Richard Branson, for example… Forty years ago, Richard found himself stranded in a Carribbean airport. Instead of freaking out about his flight that had been cancelled, he went to the charter desk to investigate the cost of chartering a flight out of Puerto Rico. Then he wrote, in big letters on a borrowed a portable blackboard, “Seats to Virgin Islands, $39.” He subsequently sold enough seats to completely cover his costs, and was able to make it home on time. Richard could have sooked about life giving him a lemon that day, but being the observant, creative and lucky person he is, he not only made lemonade but some extra dollars too!

Do the same yourself… notice your good fortune, give compliments, lend a hand, put yourself in the best position to receive blessings… and so mote it be.

Question: Do you have a strategy for getting lucky?

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