I have a dream… (business for sale)

Greetings sisters!

I have a dream…

jacaranda trees in margaret river

This is my 4-year-old blessing the jacarandas we planted in 2012. She blessed each one with the words, “Grow well tree, and make me lots of purple flowers.”

I have big plans to build a chapel on our property in Margaret River.

I have sketched up the design, and my husband and I stepped out the site plan together.

I showed his where I’m going to put the picnic tables (for picnic-vintage-outdoor weddings and celebrations), and when the 35 degree heat got too much, we sat under the century-old flame trees while I painted my vision in words.

There will be breezy fabric adorning the indoor/outdoor chapel, lanterns hanging from the trees, picnic games for the guests to play, double-seater swings for the couples in love, and a hundred gorgeous props scattered around the grounds to delight every photographer.

There’ll be white flags and bunting through the trees, Jacaranda flowers on the floor, blue skies above and romance absolutely everywhere. 

And of course, there will be people. This place, our Margaret River Heartland, that has been home the family since 1932, will welcome thousands of loved-up couples, families, friends and communities to celebrate the formation of new family after new family.

That, my friends, is my vision. It is beautiful, no?

In breathing life into the vision, however, I must surrender something to free up my time.

After much heart-searching (actually, only 10 minutes thanks to the River Test*), I have decided to put my beloved Goddess-ence business on the market.

Yes, it’s true.

The Goddess-ence business is for sale.

Those of you who have known me since 2004, know that the Goddess-ence 100% pure essential oil blends are very special.

Blended with 100% pure essential oils, these soul-quenching Goddess-ence blends are loved by thousands of women, yoga teachers, massage therapists, natural healers, chakra healers (and so on) for daily anointing and promoting a state of “goddess-ness” in their lives.

But now it is time to pass the custodianship of these beautiful oils to someone else.

Over the past nine years, I have established Goddess-ence as the premium chakra oil blends available on the market, anywhere in the world. However, I have not worked actively in promoting the oils for a year now, and so am not maximising the potential of this lucrative little home-business.

There is so much potential for this business I feel that I am not doing it justice by hanging on to it.

While I do have some established retail channels that are excellent (the 7 Day Chakra Workout, for example), I am not strong in other areas – eg, I do not have a distributor for the retail market. If you were to secure a distributorship, your business would pay for itself within weeks.

I know, I know – why aren’t I doing something about distributorship myself? The answer is simple: I don’t have the time! And, I have too many other passions clamouring for my attention. Like,

So, I’m now offering this precious “baby” up to find a new custodian who will have the time to grow her into a thriving, healthy “adult”.

The new custodian will have more time than me to grow this business in a big way.

You don’t necessarily have to have the “know-how” because the sale price includes 4.5 hours of my time to personally coach you, identify new business opportunities (that are all in my to-do list), and transition all my contacts, contracts and clients to your care.

To ensure you start off in a big way, I will:

  • supply you with enough stock worth over $100,000 in the retail market,
  • give you existing wholesale clients (I’ve already got their permission to sell the business),
  • include copyright to an upmarket sister brand for day spas and beauty salons,
  • introduce you to my aromatherapist and recipes exclusive to Goddess-ence.

All you will need to do is adapt the branding to suit your vision, print labels and promotional collateral, and source bottles.

Voila – an instant business ready to go

If this sounds like a business you could be passionate about, please get in touch by hitting “reply” on this email. I will send you an agreement-for-sale for you to look over.

Naturally you will have questions which I’d love to deal with via Skype or phone.

With love,

PS  I know you’re wondering what the price tag is. Yes, I’m usually transparent and have a no-strings-attached policy, but this time I’m not revealing the sale price to the wide world. Out of respect to the new owner, it will be made known only to those who make a genuine enquiry. (So please, don’t be flippant in your reply… Do tell me about yourself and why you think you and Goddess-ence are a match!)

* The River Test is an intuitive exercise I do with my Goddess For Life clients to help them tap into their heart’s true desires and destiny within seconds. To find out when the next “Goddess For Life” workshop series is happening, check our event calendar.

Blissed be,

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