Iambe: playful is as playful does

Through creativity and humour, liberty and joy, playful Iambe soars free from judgement. She relishes laughter, merriment and mirth to restore feminine strength and connection to her inner self.

  • Mantra: Play
  • Gemstones:  Fire Agate, Pyrite, Sunstone, Agate, Jasper, Lapis Lazuli
  • Essential Oils: Goddess-ence ISHTAR* 100% pure essential oil  blend for the sacral chakra, the home of flow, fun and freedom


  • wild goddess iambe of poetryI am free to be, free to be me. (From Affirmation Goddess, Express Your Way to Happiness by Anita Revel.)
  • I’m having so much fun!
  • I adore my womanly shape
  • I feel absolutely supercharged
  • I feel healthy and alive on a ho-ho diet
  • Giggle and chuckle, chortle and shout, laughing helps me let it all out! (say this in iambic pentameter)

Her Story

In Greek stories, Iambe is a wild goddess of sacred sexuality who used poetry and witty comebacks to entertain others.

Her Modern Energy

Through creativity, humour and liberty, playful Iambe is free to be true to her Self. She relishes laughter and merriment to connect with her source of feminine energy. It’s in the release of sadness or fear that female sexuality and joy is restored.

Shakespeare recognised Iambe’s creative genius and emulated her style – her iambic pentameter verse – in his plays. As both Shakespeare and Iambe knew well, it is easy to get swept away with such a seductive rhythm. It’s no wonder it has survived to this day.

Reconnect With Your Inner Iambe

Rock in time to an iambic pentameter beat, feel the connection to the earth’s rhythm as you rock to and fro, and become lighter and lighter in your outlook.

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What Would Iambe Do?

… If she were in your situation, she would use creativity and humour to break free from strict society expectations. She would rock in time to the rhythm of life and become lighter and lighter in her outlook along the way.

(Excerpt from What Would Goddess Do? by Anita Revel)

How are you being playful today?

Blissed be! ❤ Anita Revel

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