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I first started exploring goddess spirituality in the late 1990s, fascinated that such an abundance of inspiration, stories, myths and role models existed. Where was the sacred feminine in the school curriculum when I was growing up? How much I missed out on, learning only the patriarchal view!

I subsequently embarked on countless hours of research, applying the lessons to be gleaned from the goddess archetypes to my own life. Astounded at the positive turn my life took as a result, I began pouring my learnings onto a website called

13 years on, and with a circle of more than 25,000 women a month visiting the site from all around the world, I realised that being a goddess can’t be confined to a geographical location. So, I moved the site to, from where we shall continue to grow, share, smile and coax our sisters to also step into their gorgeous goddess Selves.

download your gift ebook, Inner Goddess Manifesto by Anita RevelI have been running workshops and publishing articles, columns and books about the inner goddess since the late 1990s. In the early days my work was considered a bit woo woo. At business networking functions it was something to be suspicious of, or something that would never make money. Men assumed I taught women how to burn bras; women thought I wanted them to run naked through forests.

I invariably got asked, “What the heck is an inner goddess?” like the phrase had a bad smell or something.

I’m not surprised I got the question so many times – at that time people were barely getting their heads around the concept of an “inner child”… to think there’s also a goddess residing within was perhaps a bit overwhelming. Crowded, even.

I used to begin replying along the lines of, “She is a self-actualised woman who can play like a kitten and roar like a lion; she is gentle yet strong, wise yet innocent, young at heart yet timeless in her wisdom; she is the reed who yields and the oak who is resolute; she reaches for the moon and land amongst the stars…”

I could have carried on for days – that’s how passionate I am about the subject. As much as I waxed lyrical, however, the questioner’s eyes would glaze over and excuses made for a quick exit.

So, over time I learned how to whittle down my response to something easily digestible. Now I say,

A woman who knows and accepts herself on all levels is fully connected to her inner goddess.”

I could go on, of course… “The inner goddess is a woman’s guiding light, her sense of self, and her moral and behavioural compass. She’s the force who enables the woman to enjoy life as a confident, capable, sacred and savvy human being…”

But nowadays women are much more accepting of the phrase, inner goddess – I don’t need to rattle on with prose. I’m not sneered at anymore – in fact it’s the opposite. Instead, I now field questions about how to start knowing oneself, what courses can I recommend to get more connected, and how the blazes does one begin to accept oneself, and so on.

My answer is always the same. Begin acquainting yourself with the seven goddess rules.

  1. Be Present. Celebrate your physical body and your connection to Earth, family and humanity
  2. Feel the flow. Become comfortable with infinite abundance, emotional flow and creative freedom
  3. Know Thyself. Be proud of your Self and your actions in all your aspects
  4. Love Fearlessly. Foster mutually fulfilling relationships at all levels
  5. Speak Your Truth. Be heard by speaking with authenticity and diplomacy, and share your learnings with grace
  6. See Beauty. Clearly know what is right for you, and act in honour of your innate wisdom and intuition
  7. Understand Bliss. Open yourself to joy; revel in your divine purpose/work with gratitude, dignity and generosity

I am pleased to present to you, an exploration of the Goddess Rules in this printable guide and workbook: the Inner Goddess Manifesto, 7 Rules for Knowing, Accepting and Loving Your Gorgeous Goddess Self. In it, you shall explore your own goddess-ness strengths, and work step-by-step through the 7 Goddess Rules to step fully into your own goddess power.

In the meantime, you may also choose to explore all the goddessy goodness on this site, a resource devoted purely to helping you, my goddess sister, to reconnect with your “iGoddess” in a space of integrity, imagination, and perhaps even some ice-cream!

Yum yum!

Blissed be,

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