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Who (or what?!) is an Inner Goddess? According to the guidebook and workbook by Anita Revel, she is…

“The inner goddess is a woman’s guiding light, her sense of self, and her moral and behavioural compass. She’s the force who enables a woman to enjoy life as a confident, capable, sacred and savvy human being…”

~ Anita Revel / Inner Goddess Manifesto

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The term “inner goddess” denotes the feminine aspect of a woman’s psyche – her sense of the feminine divine and all the sacred and sassy aspects that come as a package deal.

The feminine aspect is unique to women – not just in our body shape, function and our “bits”, but in the way we love and nurture others and our Selves.

Although we were born to love and respect ourselves, too often we were conditioned to be humble, effectively becoming slaves to the inner critic.

How wonderful, that in loving ourselves – our gifts, our quirks, our weaknesses, our sense of humour – we inspire others rather than making them jealous or judgemental?

In loving the inner goddess, we are allowed to be as vulnerable and soft, or strong and brave, as we are inclined to be. No-one judges us for our choices, because in being true to ourselves we inspire others with our honesty and light.

Reconnecting with the inner goddess gives us permission to receive as much love as we give and deserve. In being free to love unconditionally – both ourselves and others – we are allowing our inner goddess to flourish.

A woman is honouring her inner goddess when…

Women have different ways of thinking, feeling, processing and dealing with situations. We also have physical differences that affect the way we act, what we do for a living, how we nurture, and what motivates us to move. When a woman is able to transcend inhibitive social expectations or perceived behavioural requirements and instead act in a way that is fulfilling for her, she is honouring her inner goddess.

“A woman who knows and accepts herself on all levels is fully connected to her Inner Goddess.”

~ Anita Revel / Inner Goddess Manifesto

How does a woman reconnect with her inner goddess?

One easy way is to acquaint yourself with the seven basic Goddess Rules, and adopt them as your “rules of engagement” in everyday life.

We explore these Goddess Rules is a practical way in the Inner Goddess Manifesto by Anita Revel.

This is a printable guidebook and workbook that introduces you to concept of “Inner Goddess”, and how you can deepen your connection with your own goddess within.

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guide for inner goddess living

I look forward to seeing you in the circle, sister!

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