Kick-ass affirmations for weight-loss (& self-appreciation!)

goddess affirmation freja freya shine“Affirmations for weight-loss” is a search term that brings hundreds of women to this site every single day.

Before I share these valuable affirmations, I’d like you to know that weight-loss isn’t a stand alone issue.

A healthy body goes hand-in-hand with a healthy attitude towards your sacred self.

Boosting your sense of self-worth and self-appreciation are key contributing factors to weight-loss (or gain). 

Boost your sense of self-worth and deservedness and your attachment to baggage and low-esteem will naturally fall away (as will your excess weight).

Likewise, build your self-confidence, self-appreciation and self-love, and you will become less obsessed about your weight, and more loving of your natural beauty.

self-worth and self-respect how to guide with affirmations for weight-loss

Note: The affirmations shared here are a direct excerpt from my eBook called Money & Mojo, Enrich Your Self-Worth and Respect.Available in eBook format for just 99 cents!

Tip 10: Use kick-ass affirmations that work

I’ve been using and openly sharing affirmations for so many years I came to be called the Affirmation Goddess. (Hence the title of my oracle card set!)

Here are just some of my favourite affirmations for abundance (boosting your sense of self-worth and deservedness), weight-loss and self-appreciation.

(Those marked with an asterisk are from the Affirmation Goddess oracle cards.)

Affirmations for self-worth (deservedness)

  • I am a money magnet
  • I deserve good things in my life and that include prosperity
  • The more money flows, the more money grows
  • I have all that I need when I need it*
  • I am rewarded for good work with good fortune*
  • I am fully available to be struck by luck*

Affirmations for self-appreciation

  • I am a lighty, brighty, Aphrodite
  • Everybody is beautiful, at every age and every stage*
  • I am fit, focused and fabulous*
  • The more I move, the more energy I have*
  • I am vibing magnificence*
  • When I shimmy and shake, shimmer and shine, I engage my feminine divine*
  • I am generous with my light*
  • The best way to be a sex object, is to object to meaningless sex*
  • The light of my feminine divine is turned ON*


What’s your favourite affirmation for increasing self-worth and appreciation? Comment below!

Another resource: Artemis!

Considering that lasting “weight-loss” is embedded in lasting “baggage loss”, look to Artemis as the bearer of your inspiration for tackling and unpacking baggage that holds you back.
Shine on!

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