Killer Kits – essential oils for solving those essentially icky problems

How essential oils can help you kick your problem to the curb!

Can essential oils really help us deal with the doubts, the toxic loops of self-loathing, the second-guessing, the feelings of helplessness?? In my experience, yes, they can. I’ve been working with the Goddess-ence blends for almost a decade, and have seen them change lives, transforming women from a place of “lost-ness” to a place of confidence, self-assurance and trust.

From time to time, we’re all burdened with questions that express our discontent with life… We roll our problems and doubts over and over in our heads to the point where we can’t see straight any more.

Don’t worry – you’re not alone!

Herewith are several dozen questions that I often hear in workshops or via email, and suggested tools to help you gain strength.

One of my favourite tools for bringing me back to centre (and therefore the perfect place for dealing with problems), is a combination of Goddess-ence 100% pure essential oil blends.

You will find my suggested combinations below, where I’ve also suggested some ways to use the oils, and an appropriate affirmation to help put you in a positive mindset for finding inner peace.

Combined, these power tools become Killer Kits so you can kick the problem’s a** to the curb, sister!

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Need help with choosing a kit? Read the solutions below...

Kit 1: Win the battle!

life dish it up baby and don't be stingy with the jalapenos

Problems that manifest in the base chakra

* I’m fighting a losing battle!
* I’m lonely 🙁
* I’m in a rut!
* I don’t know what to do next!
* I’m not strong enough to do this alone!
* Where is my community?
* Why am I so flighty?
* Why can’t I commit?

Invoke your Warrior Queen Archetype: Step into your Warrior Queen archetype when you need to fight a battle from a grounded place, using your personal power with integrity, grace and creativity.

kali blend to help grounding willpower and connectionThis set contains Kali (base chakra), Ishtar (sacral chakra) and Persephone (solar plexus chakra) to really get you into your body, connected with Mother Earth and your community, rocking your vibe like the goddess that you are.

Suggestions for use: Place a couple of drops of Kali onto your underwear, directly onto the base of your spine, or a drop onto the sole of each foot; rub 2-3 drops of Persephone in a circular motion over your solar plexus; burn the Ishtar blend in the background to gently coax a creative solution to your current battle.

Kit 2: Play All Day!

life may not be the party i hoped for but while i'm here i'm gonna dance

Icks that manifest in the sacral chakra

* I’m so so friggin’ busy I can’t stand it!
* I’ve got creative block!
* I’m fat and ugly!
* I’m always broke!
* Why am I so addicted to junk food?
* I’m so unmotivated!
* I’m scared to try…
* I’ve got no time!

Invoke your Magical Muse Archetype: Explore your wildest dreams; envisage endless possibilities, play ’til your heart’s content. Remember the truly gorgeous, playful and sassy being you were born to be.

ishtar sensual playful goddessThis set contains the Ishtar blend (sacral chakra) to help you feel super-charged and sexy; Isis (third eye chakra) will ignite your psychic insight and promote crystal clear clarity; and Nuit (crown chakra) will carry you across the timeless, spaceless plane between heaven and earth to connect you with her gift of bliss.

Suggestions for use: Anoint your sacral chakra with the Ishtar blend, in a clockwise motion while swaying and rocking your hips. At the same time affirm your sexiness and self-worth with an appropriate affirmation – eg “I am worthy of me time today”… ; anoint your crown chakra with the Nuit blend with the full intention of crossing the ethereal bridge to bliss; and burn the Isis blend in the background to gently coax your creative intuitive self into action.

Kit 3: Be Yourself!

i am free to be me affirmationProblems that manifest in the solar plexus chakra

* I’m being bullied!
* I feel like throwing up!
* Why do people take advantage of me?
* Why doesn’t my partner appreciate me?
* These butterflies are more than I can handle
* I’m so anxious I could throw up!
* I want respect!

Remember your Daring Diva when the big questions arise – What am I here for? What is my purpose? Who am I anyway? Take time to work on your self-definition with the support of this set of 3 essential oil blends.

power up oh powerful meThis set contains Persephone (of course!) to connect you with your inner power base, Kali (base chakra blend) to ground you during this quest, and Athena (throat chakra) to help you voice exactly that which are seeking.

Suggestions for use: Anoint your solar plexus chakra with 2-3 drops of Persephone while affirming the awesome person you were born to be; put a drop of Kali on the sole of each foot (then stand in warrior pose while you breath through a visualisation pertaining to power); and a drop of Athena under each side of your jaw line to help you open your jaw and let the words flow.

If you’re feeling anxious, an alternative for Kali is to put 2 drops onto your underwear or directly onto the base of your spine, and sit in a meditative position while you breathe deeply throughout your visualisation.

Kit 4: Be Love Be Loved!

affirmation for self appreciation and self validation

Yucks that manifest in the heart chakra

* Where is my soul mate?
* Why do I keep falling for the wrong guys?
* Will I ever trust again?
* Why does everyone hate me?
* Why do people think it’s OK to use me?
* Why don’t people look me in the eye?
* Why can’t I knock down the wall around my heart?
* Why do they call me an Ice Queen?

Invoke your Primordial Mother Archetype. Be the soul mate you wish to attract, by first stepping into a space of self-acceptance, self-appreciation and self-respect. When you are able to give yourself true, raw, intensely powerful mother love, you are ready to vibe magnificence to attract the same fierce love in return.

great mother love as above so belowThis set has Kwan Yin (heart chakra) to open your capacity for trust and love, Kali (base chakra) to help you “keep it real” during your transition to self-love, and Nuit (crown chakra) to help you keep the faith during lapses into self-doubt and loathing.

Suggestions for use: Put a drop of Kali on the sole of each foot and consciously decide to stay grounded during your healing process; a drop of Nuit on your crown chakra to ease your mind; and as much Kwan Yin as you need on your heart chakra, for as long as you need, until you can honestly say that you are the happiest “sonofagun” in the Universe. An affirmation such as “I am the best thing that has ever happened to me” (card 18) will help.

Kit 5: Speak Easy!

my words have the power to healBlahs that manifest in the throat chakra

* I’ve become a nag!
* My husband won’t listen!
* My team won’t respond!
* What’s wrong with me?
* Why do people gossip about me?
* Why does what I say never come out right?
* My jaw hurts from grinding my teeth all the time
* I keep biting my tongue and I’m sick of it

Invoke your Natural Healer Archetype: Every woman should have a dear friend to whom they share their secrets and dreams. Are you someone’s dear friend who is being asked to give advice and support? Or perhaps you need it yourself but too afraid to ask. Use this set to speak from the heart; free from fear and with love, diplomacy and conviction.

oil to help you speak your truthThis set contains Persephone (solar plexus chakra) to settle your nerves, Kwan Yin (heart chakra) to open your capacity for compassion and empathy, and Athena (throat chakra) to lubricate the flow of your words.

Suggestions for use: Anoint your chakras with this triple combination: dab Kwan Yin onto your heart chakra, or a pendant that sits over your chest; rub 2-3 drops of Persephone in a circular motion over your solar plexus; a drop of Athena under each side of your jaw line to help unlock any words you’ve been chewing on for a while.

Kit 6: See Beauty!

i am smiling for no reasonBlocks that manifest in the third eye chakra

* I’m depressed!
* Bad luck always happens to me!
* Why me?
* Bloody hell I’m so confused!
* I was born with a sense of doom
* I’m waiting for the bubble to burst
* The glass is always half-goddam-empty

Invoke your Sacred Sage Archetype: When you decide to see beauty, you will ramp up your gratitude for the blessings and blessings surrounding you, and see the silver lining in clouds and upside to down situations. “With all its sham drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world”…

third eye clarity to help see beautyAccess the beautiful world as promised by the Desiderata with this set of 3 essential oil blends: Kwan Yin (heart chakra) to promote grace and generosity of spirit, Isis (third eye chakra) to clear the toxic thoughts that blind you to beauty, and Kali (base chakra) to bind you to Mother Earth and her endless capacity for love and sustenance while you take this trip.

Suggestions for use: Anoint your heart chakra with Kwan Yin, your third-eye with Isis and the base of your spine with Kali.

Kit 7: Bliss Out!

i have wings and i know how to use themGrrrs that manifest in the crown chakra

* I can’t sleep!
* What is this bliss rubbish I keep hearing about?
* My world is chaos!
* Why can’t I just stop THINKING!?!
* What is my way out of this mess?
* What the f@^% is wrong with me?
* Step these nightmares!
* Oh for the love of God, just give me a break!

Invoke your High Priestess Archetype: For times when you need a connection to the Universe, the clarity to make sense of it all, the faith to accept your destiny… and all from a place of love.

kwan yin isis nuit set for peace of mindThis set is made up of Kwan Yin (heart chakra), Isis (third eye chakra) and Nuit (crown chakra). Kwan Yin will wrap you in her compassion and love. You will be held safe in her heart as you open your own… With an open heart you will see the picture, trust in your own intuition and higher intelligence, and understand your place in the world.

Suggestions for use: Dab Kwan Yin onto your heart chakra, or a pendant that sits over your chest. Anoint your crown with Nuit, and burn Isis for a slow release of ideas, answers and that long-sought-after, ridiculously fantastic a-ha revelation.


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